Friday, 12 October 2012

A Dresden files game

so a while back i ran a game of the Dresden files RPG, it was good fun. we had a couple of problems with a couple of the people (one had to drop early on, but kept coming. the other didnt understand that he had to tell me what type of magic he was doing) but we still had fun (which is all that matters). anyway incase you havent played the dresden files rpg before, you have to make a city that you will be playing in, as its a FATE/FUDGE system game, everything has aspects and traits. to make it easy we decided that we would just play in the town where we are (townsville, australia), here is what we came up with. feel free to use it in your games if you want.



The Idea:
a seat of power for the winter court
The Aspect:
bad weather, worse fae
The Faces:
winter knight - enforcer
winter lady - mum wants me to keep on eye on this place
summer investigator - too nosey for own good

The Idea:
people going missing from hospital, blood banks, streets
The Aspect:
no more hobos? (we arent to sure on this aspect)
The Faces:
Gay Tonii - red court pawn
Jenny Hill - red court queen/counselor
Paul Dempsey - red court banker/lawyer

The Idea:
central hub
The Aspect:
cross roads
The Faces:
Drifter Tim - mysterious transient
Charles Daniels - car salesman deamon (we are using car salesman as a adjective)

summer wants to move in on winters power
red court are expanding territory

Captian Swanson (corrupt cop) incharge of police force for townsville (clued in?)
counselors trying to gain power for upcomming vote

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