Saturday, 27 October 2012

Changeling Character

so i finally managed to shanghai my way into one of Stacys Changeling the Lost game. Its set in San Francisco in the 1890s in an alternate world where steampunk has happened, i do love me some steampunk.
but anyway, we played yesterday morning and i had a great time, i havent finished my characters background off and it didnt matter, i hadnt even thought of a description really, but i made one up and it seemed right.

so i am playing a mirrorskin thief, here is some info that i have written up so far on him.

Mien (what other changelings and fae see)
a 5’10” man with a smokey see though-ness to his whole body, he is wearing a long duster which falls to the floor and has large bulging pockets (seeming always full). long slender fingers on each hand. small horns poke out of the top of his skull, which is hidden by a hood, but the horns can just be seen under it. where the duster hits the floor it turns into a large round area which is obscuring his feet, making it look like he is floating rather then walking.

Mask (what "normal" people see)
a 5’10” man, with messy brown hair and a greyish blue coloured eyes. wearing black pinstriped pants with a black shirt and tie, and a black pinstriped vest and jacket to round it out. with flat roundish features he blends into a crowd well.

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