Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dust, the rise and fall of a new character

a few weeks ago i played in a game ran by one of the guys on google plus (if youre a gamer and love to play some games get on it, there is heaps of OSR but other games get a run too) it was his flailsnails compatible game, he called it Dust. here is a link to everything he has written upon the subject so far (at his blog) and here is a link to the character classes if you can manage to get into one of his games i recommend it highly.

anyway, the character i was playing was a Murder Ballard Boy called Burt Eagle (i was listening to cake and comfort eagle came on and inspired me) he was fun to play and i felt like the game was going good, and i was looking forward to using Burt in some of the other flailsnails games out there, then he sort of got turned into a wraith and lit three sticks of dynamite (which where on his chest). so anyway i died and i wrote up a play report for the game, and here it is:


The Tale of Burt Eagle:

“The bar was quiet as a couple of gentlemen (of ill repute) had rolled in from out of town, one had the look of a junkie (I know this cause we can smell our own) he was jonesing for something, the other was some type of preacher, you know the type always looking at you like your about to sin or have just finished sinning. One of them (the junkie most likely) must have seen something in me and this other man, because they were upon us almost as soon as they were in the door (they hadn’t even stopped flapping back and forth). Hank was the junkies name, Collins the preacher, and Henry was the other man that they recruited. Henry had this look to him, like he’d been spoken ta by the devil (Beelzebub once cut something wit me, and I can be recognizing this in other people) but he didn’t seem to have any special talents (maybe ol’ Beelz got the better on him) but he did mention that he had heard in passing about these “deer women” that Hank and Collins was after. Upon the mention of “deer women” a tall fella with a long beard stepped to our table and spoke of a place called “The Mouth of the Devil” and that was where this ladys liked to spend there time. He knows this as it be near by his facility of employment (he was dressed like a lumberjack, so I guess he cut down trees). The others have this great idea to extort the foreman of the lumberjacking trade and we go to see him. “Deer women” he says “they be bad news, ill give you dollars two hundred to see them off” “Agreed” we replied, “but some dynamite is what I be needing to be doing this here job” I say, and the foreman (silly idgiot) gave me four sticks. Now Hank had been sipping on a bottle of the finest a bit at this point and it probably wasn’t a good idea to let him behind the wheel, but when a fella asks to drive, you let them. So we barely made it to the cave in one piece and we was lucky that the only thing we saw was a truck on the side of the road. We arrived to our destination and looked down the gaping maw of the famed cave, an’ decided to drive instead of walkin, an’ the truck would be good (cos it not being “ours”) and we went a got the truck. There was some stuff in the tray, but we paid it no head, money was wha’ we was bein’ after and money is be what we be gettin’. We drive inta the cave and go for a short ways and then happen upon some pig men (they be real ugly sons o’ bitches these pigs where lookin’ to throw down, an’ Hank was havin’ none of that. He kicked open his door and shot to guns at the abominations, but only winged one, I fire Bella (me trusty shotgun. We have been though a lot my Bella an’ me) killing one (Bella always looked after me), Henry put the pick up in backwards a hit the pedal, the preacher started to shoot too (waist of good shooting though). We managed to ge’ back to the mouth o’ tha cave and finish off the last piggys. But one o’ them was getting away good, so we chased hi’ down in the truck. We found where ‘e went when under that tarp in tha tray popped up a circus midget (they be liken t’ be called “little people”), so anyway this midget popped up and we find out she be a good chum wit’ Hank. Wait I forgot something, oh tha’ right, tha devils. When we was driving back to fine tha pig man we parked the track and looked about ‘or his whereabouts, we could na find ‘im so we moved the truck further up the cave. Tha was about when Collins was hearnin’ sommin’ behind us, I turned about to find a daemon almost upon me (it was a foul beast tha’ smelt of tha inferno of hell I blasted it wit’ Bella (trusty, trusty Bella) killin’ one down and good, tha was when Hank killed the two ones left. But anyway, this midget popped up and wa’ Hanks chum, and she came wit’ us into tha cave further. We found one o’ tha pig men that Hank had winged (in the gut) and this midget (she be sayin’ ‘er name was Elsjinn, but you don’t be trustin’ circus folk) went an spoke to the pig men (she spoked the pig talk) and said that some shrooms up a head was good eaten. Hank wanted some o’ this (fuckin’ junkies), an’ we went off. Them mushrooms was looking awful tasty, so we had some (not the preacher though, fuckin’ stuck ups) it was the worst eaten I’d even eaten, and we was pukin’ every which where (except the midget, circus folk hav’ an iron constitution, fuckin’ carnies) the preacher sees some treasure and snatches is up real quick like, I don’t know wha’ it was, but it wa’ shiny. We blowed up a mushroom with tha dynamite and find a door to a room. In this room is where it was going to go all bad and wrong. There wa’ this here pentagram and Henry wanna be all touchin’ it an’ shit, that was when Beelzebub arrived himself and took poor Henrys soul, I remember seen a nice lookin’ piece on him an’ decided that tha time was good to be gettin’ and I grabbed his pistol. Then he rose up (like from fuckin’ tha dead man) and tried to take my soul to put inna his body, I didn’t want this an’ tried ta run for it. Tha’ was when I felt his steely cold claws in my back, an’ wit’ my last ounce of strength I lift my last smoke an’ the dynamite…

Anyway tha’ was when I woke up ‘ere, uh mister Charon.”

A deep rumble emanated from behind the gate keeper, as the gate to hell closed. A bright light shone downward upon a small spire “Step unto the light child, you are to the Bleaklands”


so now i am going to be playing Burt in the Bleaklands, i just hope that i can keep him alive long enough to come back from the dead

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