Sunday, 7 October 2012

pick up games

you know what i love about google plus, its the pick up games. i dont know how many time i have been sitting around at home just chilling out on the computer when i have either hit people up for one or jumped into one. the pick up game is almost the back bone of the constantcon movement, while i appreciate the fact that there are many games out there (i probably dont even know of them all) i feel as though the pick up game is still one of the best types of games to play.

structured play (a game that people are told about in advance) is great dont get me wrong. the gm has time to plan (a majority of the time its about 1 week after they tell people that they are going to run a game), people have time to talk to the people in their lives (damn marriedies) to let them know that they will be playing a game, everyone has time to make a character (unless youre like me and tend to sometimes leave it until the last second), and everyone has the right amount of time to get into the right head space for the game (whether its gonzo or straight up). these games have a clear goal, to have fun and to finish a story (despite the fact that you sometimes dont, but when has that ever mattered).

pick up games (on the spot asking people to play) are awesome. the gm (sometimes the dude asking if people want to play) doesnt have much prep time (this is a staple of gming though) and has to run the game on the fly (also a staple), the people coming into the game dont know what to expect (only what they might need, like a level 8 character or whatever) and this is good to, it gives you a chance to use your character in a way that they might not get to be used (or in a back up role). the aims of these games are to have fun and see what happens (sometimes it leads into a story for an ongoing game)

i played in a pick up game a couple of days ago run by Kyrinn, it had Chris, Christina, and me in it. we were in a future world and we had to go and pick up a data chip form some chick named soda, we got into some trouble and i may or may not have killed two cops. it was a great game and i had heaps of fun playing in it, it was also therapeutic because i had had a badish day and just wanted to do some killing (if i ran the game i couldnt of killed anyone, not that i wont, i just cant. for some reason my dice will hit once or twice on a couple of different people and do some good damage, but then they will never hit again. i nearly kill Sir the Fist, i hit him for heaps of damage with a cone of coldness from a undead hydra, did about 85% of his hit points in damage and then he never got his again) so the ability to kill so people with impunity (ok so the cops might come back to hurt me) was great.

pick up games, get into them people

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