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Area info for Australia Shadowrun

so i have been writing some more of my shadowrun stuff for an australia game, i have been working on main areas of the place and after writing some dot points i have expanded them into a bit of info about the place, here is what i have gotten so far, dont be suprised if its a bit crappy as there is lots of dot points still in there for me to flesh out

Australia didn’t suffer too much when the second crash of the matrix happened, they where actually one of the first countries to actually test a wireless capability for the matrix it’s self. Various satellites where launched into low/medium orbit and these where used to bounce the signals from the relay stations along the ground back and forth, this was the first sign of wireless technology which actually worked. Australia began to implement this all throughout its country, and the wireless matrix was born. Then the crash happened, everything went off-line, Australia just like everywhere, else plummeted into darkness, then the world turned to it for help in implementing the improved wireless matrix.

Weather is still the same (raining in the morning and sunny in the afternoon)
Home of the stock exchange so heaps of money moves through the area, people working under the purview of stock exchange are everywhere (EVERYWHERE!!!)
The city center is a very nice area (almost always luxury) while many of the outskirts are less cared for (low mostly)
Japanacorps are huge within Melbourne, and they are constantly trying to get one up on each other.
A “higher class” of J’s work in the area and expect the runners to be the same, if you are uncouth or don’t display classyness then don’t expect a job.
A lot of jobs involve the stock market somehow (but don’t hack it, people are paid heaps to look after it)

The world went wireless, Sydney followed suit, then one day a big mana storm came rolling into town, the Sydney matrix crashed, Sydney reverted back to a hard-lined matrix. Everything important in Sydney has a hard-lined matrix feed, the wireless network is still up and running, but because of the randomness of the mana storms and the fact that they interfere with anything remotely wireless, Sydney decided that it was better to have some “old and out of date tech” that worked then something that would drop out every time that they had a storm.
The Sydney harbor bridge was once a drawing card for the tourism industry, now it is a hive of scum and villainy. If you need to get your hands on something the harbor bridge is a good place to start, the black market is so well established there that it has become a permanent fixation, this is good and bad at the same time. Good because it creates a healthy market for trade and buying items at a “cheaper” price. Bad because it has become its enclave which includes its own “police” and security, and trying to sell things that you no longer require means that you won’t get to good of a price for it. Loan star, knight errant, and the Australian police don’t go near the harbor bridge, they have an exclusion zone of about 2-3 blocks around both of the on ramps to the bridge that they tend not to go into either (unless they are heavily armed or have a very very good reason). The security that is employed by the black markets on Sydney harbor bridge tends to be one of the higher paying jobs, this attracts some of the older runners who have been in the game for a long time or special forces types (many of the commandos in the defence force have been seen moonlighting there) but because of the nature of the job and area, the people who are getting employed are told to shoot first then ask questions (but because of the high level of training that is seen in the position they tend to be non fatal shots). The two entrances to the harbor bridge are set up like a boarder check point, they have heavy machine gun emplacements (hidden) and guys in armor with assault rifles, most people are not checked on the way in by these people because of the serious security measures in place. A bunch of deckers are paid to keep an eye on everything 24/7, they scan the income and outgoing people and let the security on the ground know what to do.
A biker gang has control of a 3-5 block radius near the harbor bridge, they are called the harbor boys. They are a very tough gang, with a majority of the members heavily cybered (supplied by the many ripper docs and street docs on the bridge for cheap) they tend to get a cut of any big job going on in their area and if people need to go through their turf.
Where a majority of the people of Sydney moved to escape the storms
Night life is very big 
Deals tend to be done in nightclubs
Kidnapping is a large source of jobs (lots of "rich kids" in the area)

The right cop can cover anything up, and most of the police force in the area tends to be the “right” cop.
Politicians are corrupt and dodgy.
Most of the place is middle-high living
There is not much in the way of industry there anymore and that means that prices have gone up a lot.
Majority of the people who live there are high end wage-slaves, public servants, servants, or embassy employees.
A vast majority of countries and mega-corps have embassies there.
A lot of private security contractors are at work protecting pretty much everyone
Surveillance, reconnaissance, and security are some of the more often jobs
Bug sweeping is a huge deal too
Everything is overpriced and that includes the runners (no on knows the “real” price for anything)

Everybody know everyone else (friend of a friend), this helps with making deal (legal or not) for a local or someone who has been in the area a “long” time.
Most of the time the “bad guys” are someone you where drinking with last night (business is business though).
Everyone knows about the run you are doing somehow (leg work is easier (not matrix)) this is good and bad, this “hurts” shadowrunners for overseas
Stick-n-shock, gel rounds, tazers, and other non-lethal weapons get a good work out on runs (everyone knows everyone and no one wants to die)
Good shipping routes

Bug city, its band news (see Chicago) just no nuke or ghoul zone
The army has cut and run north/south/inland, there is still a small posting there
High population of mages (in the outskirts of town)
Almost zero police presence and the ones that are there either don’t want to be or ask to be sent there to prove something.
Very big Aztecnology presence (people suspect that they brought the bugs)

A lot of the Japanacorps have left, but once some of the other mega corps took interest they wanted back in (this has caused a power struggle between the mega corps for information and control)
Have a silly amount of mega corps there (no one knows why)
The streets are heavily patrolled by private military contractors, they tend to shoot first and are known for abusing their power
Only recently have the meta-variants (read: orks, trolls, and other “non human looking”) been allowed back in, they are still distrusted and given the bad end of the stick

The military presence in Darwin has grown heaps (still a shit posting though)
Major shipping port to everywhere in the world
Staging area for trips into the outback (lots of official trips)
Very well stocked for outback survival
Melting pot of races and metas
Major smuggling area (triads are some of the major players)
Major area for trid shows

Major shipping port to everywhere in the world
Staging ground for trips into the outback (many unofficial trips)
Ridiculously well stocked for outback survival
Pretty much cut off form the rest of Australia
Mega corps trying to get control of the shipping industry for each other
Large mining population (mega corps are fighting over this too)
Big tourist spot for trips into the outback (local guides make a lot of coin)
Some of the areas of the shadow community is know (due to milk runs into the outback)
Talismongers make lots of money from selling talisman which they brought from the people who go into the outback
Medium-high population of mages (lots come on holidays/work on the boats)

Large military base
Smuggling is a very big thing

The Great Barrier Reef:
Lots of awakened sea creatures
Many people believe it “can protect itself”
A fair few sunken ships are just outside of its “boarders”

The Outback:
Mana storms just happen
Bikes roam the place

“Has woken up”
Not many people live there anymore
Lots of awakened flora and fauna
Some people still live in the boonies

Last known refuge of people living in Tasmania
Supposedly a bunch of mages made “a deal with the continent” (no one knows when or what)
High city walls
High rise city
Everything is fly-in fly-out or shipped in
The people who live there “can smell outsiders” and they fleece them
Nothing is ever in stock, but everything can be gotten

if you feel like i have missed something or have something to add, please dont hesitate to comment below

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