Saturday, 28 December 2013

Counter spelling and magical interference part 1

So I was thinking about counterspelling and how some people allow is and others don’t (or systems have it as a part of their game like 3.x), and how it would work with a bit of a common sense/real world approach (which is how I like to game, as you probably know from either gaming with me or by reading my random mumbelings). Then while I was thinking about it I was also thinking about how magical interference or something similar would be put into place (as either a spell/potion/scroll/whatever) and if a “normal person” (read: non magic user) could do it or employ it somehow, sort of like chaff (link)

I chucked it up on my google plus account to see what other people might have thought about it, and after a bit of a chat with them, basicly being told to remember things like the globe of invulnerability and the antimagic field for the magical interference and got a few links for people blogs and what they thought about counter spelling. It was good to see what other people thought about this and how some other systems that I haven’t read (like DCC) run it. Then I decided that I would do some stuff for my home game, because that way I have made it up and as such I hope its eaiser to remember.

So here is how I will be doing

Magic is an amazing and wonderful thing, it can not only make things easier (cleaning up your mentors basement by animating some brooms and mops to do the work for you), it can also be a deadly weapon use to inflict pain and suffering upon others (a fireball to the face tends to do this job fine). But magic is a fickle thing, and sometimes even the simplest things can undermine it. When magic users are first being taught how to do magic, they are taught how to summon the basics and control them, it is by employing these simple techniques that someone can interrupt or cancel a spell entirely. But to be able to do this you first must understand how the spell works, for if you don’t it could become even more powerful or deadly. This is why magic user study magic for years, and why they can attempt to disrupt someone else’s spell.   

The magic user who decides to counterspell must first of all not made an action this turn (readying a action doesn’t count, initiative doesn’t count for this) and have as a minimum an unused spell (just one that they haven’t cast yet), if they don’t have one of these they must make a “im a fucking wizard check” (roll under INT – spell level being cast) otherwise they cant counter the spell, if they fail this check they take 1D4 temporary INT damage (regain 1 point per week) and have to make a roll on the “failed wizard roll table”. Passing this check or spending a spell they haven’t cast means that they can attempt to counter the spell. To make a counterspell attempt you must have the spell that you are attempting to counter in your spell book, or you must roll on “unknown spell table”. A counter spell attempt is made by making an attack roll with the magic users INT bonus in the place of BAB/THAC0, its made against an unarmoured opponent (AC 10/12 +/– levels caster is above counterer, depending upon whatever system you are using). If the attack roll is successful then the spell is countered, if it is unsuccessful then the spell still happens as normal and the spell that is changed to a counter is wasted.

Failed wizard roll table
Roll 2D20
2-3 you cant cast spells for the next 1D3 days
4-5 you cant cast spells for the next 1D4 weeks
6 you suffer an additional 1D6 damage
7 you suffer an additional 1D8 damage
8-10 your remaining prepared spells no longer function as normal (roll on wild magic table when casting) for the rest of the day
11-14 your magic doesn’t work as normal (roll on wild magic table) for the next 1D6 days
15-18 your magic doesn’t work as intended (roll on wand of wonder table) for the next 1D8 days
19-20 your next spell is actually a fireball (2D6 damage) regardless of if you know it or not
21-30 nothing happens
31-32 you cant read magic for the next 1D6 days
33 you lose an extra 1D4 INT points temporally
34 you lose an extra 1D4 INT points permanently
35 you lose an extra 1D8 INT points temporally
36 you lose an extra 1D6 INT points permanently
37 you gain 1 sanity point
38 you gain 1D6 sanity points
39 you gain a temporary insanity
40 roll twice (reroll if you get this a second time)

Unknown spell table
Roll 1D30
1 the spell is magnified 25%
2 the spell is magnified 50%
3 the spell is magnified 75%
4 the spell is magnified 100%
5 the spell is magnified 150%
6 the spell is magnified 200%
7 the spell resolves twice
8 the spell resolves thrice
9 the spell gains an extra effect (roll on wand of wonder)
10 the spell gains an extra effect (roll on each wand of wonder table)
11 the spell targets a secondary person
12 the spell does an extra 1D6 damage (even if it normally didn’t)
13 the spell does an extra 2D8 damage (even if it normally didn’t)
14 the spell does an extra 3D12 damage (even if it normally didn’t)
15 the spell effects an extra 3D4 HD worth of creatures
16 the caster doesn’t use a spell slot when casting this spell (can cast it again today)
17 the caster also casts “sleep” it affects 3D6 HD of creatures starting with counterer
18-27 nothing extra happens
28 roll again twice on the table (reroll if gotten a second time)
29 roll again three times on the table (reroll if gotten a second time)
30 a powerful being now knows your true name

if you have any ideas or thoughts hit me up on here or my g+

Monday, 28 October 2013

My RPG Person Profile Thingy

Zak said he wasn't the DM of me, so i guess that i kinda had to do it... damn reverse psychology  

I’m currently running (at home): my main home game has been put on hold at the moment due myself and one of the players moving interstate in a few weeks. But the games I tend to run when at home (at this moment) are:
Dresden Files RPG – this is the main game that I am running that is also on hold.
All Flesh Must Be Eaten – this game is ran whenever I travel back home, it has between 4 and 8 players at any one session.
Dread/Fiasco – these are both my go too games at the moment for pick-up games at the gaming club I go to most weekend.
Shadowrun – this gets run periodically at my house, we probably crack a game out once every couple of weeks, this tends to take the place of the main game.

Tabletop RPGs I’m currently playing (at home) include: at the moment I am in a mutants and masterminds (3rd ed) game, and a bi/tri weekly vampire the masquerade (half LARP) game.

I’m currently running (online): at the moment I am running a game of Hexenbracken (link) but it has fallen to the wayside a bit due to my life becoming a bit hectic over the last few weeks. I also want to get my Flailsnails Security Solutions game off the ground soon (even though I only have two classes written up for in world)

Tabletop RPGs I’m currently playing (online) include: I was playing in a pathfinder game, but I had to drop and haven’t played in that for months now. I am also about to start playing in a bi-weekly Precious Dark game. Otherwise I just Flailsnails around when I can with a couple of different characters that I have.

I would especially like to play/run: obviously my FSS game is something that I would love to run (and intend to do so soon). i would like to play in anything, I like to give everything a shot (at least once)

I live in: currently in Townsville, QLD, in Australia. I am moving down to Melbourne, VIC, in Australia in a few weeks

2 or 3 novels I like: The Midkemia books by Raymond E Fiest, the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, the Middle Earth books by J R R Tolken

2 or 3 movies I like: Star Wars (the real trilogy, the Matrix, Inception

Best place to find me on-line: on the G+ or via this blog (which I don’t update as much as I should)

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it’s: something that I would be interested in, something that I can hack to use in my random works, and something that someone tells me I should check out.

I really do not want to hear about: I like to hear most things, but if you are going to subject me to a 45 minute dialog about how awesome something relating to your character or the game you just played in then you can fuck right off.

I think dead orc babies are (circle one: funny / problematic / …well, ok, its complicated because…): funny because of the amount of hate that gets directed anyones way that has anything at all to do with them (silly nerd rage jerks)

I talk about RPGs on: the G+ (link)

Friday, 13 September 2013

FSS Operative Class

You have decided that you want to work on the ground as an intelligence asset and then during your work you have seen something that has made you want to come over to FSS. Well good for you, we need people like you doing your job so that we can gather information on the human assets that these evil vile creatures use, or just these creatures themselves. Welcome to the team friend

Operative (I need a better name)

HD – D8
AC – 10 +/- dex
THAC0/BAB – as per cleric
Saves – half stat + level
XP – 2000 standard

You get 4 stating points and 2 points at the beginning of each new level, to allocate to the following skills, (like a lotfp specialist)

Investigation – 1 in 6
Tinkering – 1 in 6
Forging – 1 in 6
Languages – 1 in 6
Disguise – 1 in 6
Stealth – 1 in 6
Deception – 1 in 6
Search – 1 in 6
Knowledge – 1 in 6

Choose two weapons from the following list (it doesn’t matter what they are, they can be submachine guns, pistols, whatever)

5.45mm – 2D8
5.56mm – (NATO standard) – 2D8+1
5.7mm – 2D8+2
7.62mm (.30 cal) – 2D10
9mm – 1D10
9.5mm (.375 magnum) – 2D6
10mm – 1D8
11.43mm (45 acp) – 1D8+2
10 gauge – 5D4 (buck/bird)
12 gauge – 4D4 (buck/bird/solid)
20 gauge – 3D4 (can take special rounds)

Special rounds
Illumination, high explosive, flash/bang, CS gas, smoke, white phosphorous, heat seeking, multi charge, taser, smart explosive, fragmentation, baton, high explosive anti-tank
(ask GM about these)

Friday, 6 September 2013

FSS Shooter Class

so you have chosen to become on of man kinds unknown and un-thanked protectors, good work. many of your current skills will transfer into this line of work (if you can call it that) easily and with the right mind set you should fit in fine with everyone. you background of infantry/special forces/whatever will work fine for what you are about to undertake. thank you for your service to man kind, keep your head down and i will see you on the beach

Class – shooter (i really need a better name for this, maybe operator) 

HD – D10
AC – 10 +/- dex mod
THAC0/BAB – as per fighter
XP – 2000 standard
Saves – half score + level

pick two options from the following table, and one more every 3 levels (so once at 3, 6, 9, 12, etc) (or just roll 1D20 on it)

1 night fighter – you gain low light vision 60 feet (even when not wearing vision enhancing gear)
2 jungle fighter – you can move through jungle terrain without penalty, and add +2 to any survival checks made in any jungle terrain
3 mountain fighter – you can move over mountainous terrain without penalty, and add +2 to any survival checks made in any mountainous terrain
4 ocean fighter – you can move through water without penalty, and don’t make any noise when running though water
5 sand fighter – you can move over sandy terrain without penalty, and add +2 to any survival checks made in any sandy terrain 
6 swamp fighter – you can move over swampy terrain without penalty, and add +2 to any survival checks made in any swampy terrain
7 urban fighter – you can scrounge any small item worth level D6 x 10 once per session/week (which ever makes more sense for the game you’re in at the time) (smaller then a bread basket) only within a urban or semi-urban area only
8 artic fighter – you can move over artic terrain without penalty, and add +2 whenever you make a survival check in artic terrain
9 parachute operations – you know the ins and outs of parachuting (line, HALO, HAHO, etc), you can get access to parachuting equipment wherever you are within hours (1D2 urban, 1D8 bush, 1D6 ocean, nil underground or underwater, 1D4+1 semi-urban)
10 amphibious operations – you know the ins and outs of amphibious operations, you can get access to amphibious equipment wherever you are within hours (1D3 urban, 1D8 bush, 1D2 ocean, nil underground, 1D4+2 semi-urban, only if set up underwater)
11 repelling operations – you know the ins and outs of repelling operations, you can get access to repelling equipment wherever you are within hours (1D2 urban, 1D8 bush, 1D3 ocean, nil underwater, 1D6-1 semi-urban, only if set up underground)
12 combat first aider – whenever someone is reduced to zero or negative hit points, make a roll under half your WIS score + level, if you are successful you revive them (go to zero and add 1D4 + your level HP), if you fail you revive them (go to zero and add 1D6 + your level temporary hit points) these are reduced at 1 point per round (damage as per normal rules) and when they go back to zero or negative HP they die, there is nothing you can do
13 scout training – you gain a +2 to any initiative or perception rolls
14 sniper training – you gain a +2 to any stealth checks you make while on your stomach or in any cover
15 demolitions operations – you know the ins and outs of demolitions operations, you can get access to demolitions equipment wherever you are within hours (1D3 urban, 1D8 bush, 1D4 ocean, 1D4+1 semi-urban, only if set up underground or underwater)
16 heavy weapons – you don’t suffer any encumbrance penaltys for carrying heavy weapons, you also can carry an extra half of the normal limit of ammo (so if you can only carry 4 rockets normally you can carry 6)
17 seer training – gain a +2 to any escape check and a +2 to any sanity checks
18 percussive maintenance – one per level per game you can make something that isn’t working work (temporally) by giving it a good hit, speak to the gm about how this is going to work
19 forward observer – when you mark targets for offensive fire (planes, mortars, whatever) you deviate one step down in dice (a D10 becomes a D8)
20 unarmed combat training – your unarmed attacks do 1D4+STR damage, you also get a +2 to grapple checks

Choose two weapons from the following list (what type of weapon it is doesn’t matter, it can be a machine gun or a shotgun or a sub machine gun or a pistol or whatever)

5.45mm – 2D8
5.56mm (NATO standard) – 2D8+1
5.7mm – 2D8+2
7.62mm (.30 cal) – 2D10
9mm – 1D10
9.5mm (.375 magnum) – 2D6
10mm – 1D8
11.43 (45 acp) – 1D8+2
12.7mm (.50 cal) – 2D10
14.5mm – 6D4+2
40mm (grenade launcher) – 2D12 (HE round, can take special rounds)
60mm (mortar) – 2D10+5 (1D8 deviation for first 2-3 rounds, can have special rounds)
84mm (rocket launcher) – 3D12 (HE round, can take special rounds)
10 gauge – 5D4 (buck/bird)
12 gauge – 4D4 (buck/bird/solid)
20 gauge – 3D4 (can take special rounds)

Special rounds
Illumination, high explosive, flash/bang, CS gas, smoke, white phosphorous, heat seeking, multi charge, taser, smart explosive, fragmentation, baton, high explosive anti-tank
(ask GM about these)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Flailsnail Security Solutions

Flailsnail Security Solutions

What is it that makes a man a man?
Is it his origins,
the way things start?
Or is it something else,
something harder to describe?

So many years ago, whilst on operations overseas a team of special forces, made up of various different countries top operators, found something, something that shouldn’t be, something that they had only ever read about or heard stories about. Through dogged tenacity and zeal the group managed to crawl their way out of what it was that they found themselves in. they returned to work, but nothing was the same again, they began to start seeing things that shouldn’t be. They got back together and spent the next four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honour, but without glory, for they were waging this secret war in the shadows and without any government oversight or sanction. They would track down these great evils, follow them, study them, and then kill them. But it’s not murder if there is no body right? After the first few operations they realised that they would need to begin secretly recruiting people, people to help them, only the best would do, for mankind’s fate was in their hands.  After more years had passed, they made a private military company, this way they could keep working on their missions, they would have a steady influx of new people, and they could actually make some money on the side (you know, doing real jobs). Now this is where you come in, do you have what it takes, do you have the skills to survive against all odds, the will to live, the will to keep fighting, and the neve to face the unnameable?

Welcome to FSS…

So I am going to be running some games in the near future based in the near future, the games will be all FLAILSNAILS and they will be using classes that I am in the middle of writing up (I will have the first one on my blog tomorrow) if you are keen to play in something like this let me know on the G+ page (link

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bastard fighter

So you’re a complete dirt bag, when you fight you do it as dirty as possible, you do this because it’s better to be alive and not very liked then dead and honourable.

I really need a better name then bastard fighter, but I cant seem to think of anything better. If you can think of something please let me know.

HD – 1D8
THAC0/BAB – as per fighter
AC – 10 +/- DEX mod
XP – 2000 standard

Add STR bonus to melee attacks to hit

+1 to hit and damage to anything that would be considered dirty (dirt in the eyes, kicking while down, etc etc)

When using a small one handed weapon or improvised weapon add a +2 to your initiative roll

Back stab – when attacking in a surprise round, in a flanking position, or from an unseen position times your damage by 2. Increase the damage multiplier by one every other (odd) level (eg, level 3 is times 3, level 5 is times 4)

Weapons master – any handheld weapon in your hands do the next step up in dice damage (up to D12). So a short sword 1D6 does 1D8 instead 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Random Forest

So I am working through my hexenbracken stuff again and this time I am working on something that has a lot of promise even though I don’t think that it will end up seeing up play time because of its geographical location, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put it somewhere else or use it somewhere else I guess, cos umm FUCK THE RULES I HAVE MONEY

So anyway the area I have decided to work upon is 11 28 and it reads thusly

11 28
There is something special hidden deep in the forest here, but its protected by the forest itself. The forest paths will change, the trees will attack, the random animals will ambush and then lead the party astray, even the weather doesnt want it found. What it is? No one knows

I figure that this has a lot of potential for random tables or some sort of crazy forest stuff, I have actually decided to check out the surrounding hexes too so that I can maybe flavour it a bit more too, but anyway here goes.

Random forest:

Roll 1D100
01-25: potentially hostile encounter (roll on table 1)
26-45: the path changes (roll on table 2)
46-60: the weather changes (roll on table 3)
60-83: occurrence of note (roll on table 4)
84-95: no encounter
96-00: roll twice more on this table

Roll 1D100
01-30: potentially hostile encounter (roll on table 1)
31-50: the path changes (roll on table 2)
51-60: the weather changes (roll on table 3)
61-87: occurrence of note (roll on table 4)
88-00: no encounter

Roll 1D100
01-06: Bat swarm
07-13: Spider (roll 1D6: 1-2: giant spiders, 3-5: medium/large sized spiders, 6: demonic giant spiders)
14-19: Lost halflings (from sunnyhill 1127)
20-24: Monkey people (1227)
25-29: Wolf pack
30-36: Heard of deer
37-41: Snake (roll 1D10: 1-2: constrictor, 3-5: venomous, 6-7: giant snake, 8-9: viper, 10: snake people)
42-47: Tigers
48-52: Baboon people (1227)
53-58: Bears
59-62: Trents
63-68: Barbarian heroes (1027)
69-74: Goblins
75-78: Wild mage
79-82: Giant leech (roll 1D12: 1-2: giant bats, 3-4 large snakes, 5-6: giant leech, 7-8: leech swarm, 9-10: carrion crawlers, 11-12: large spiders)
83-86: Dire boars
87-88: Unicorn
89-92: Shambling mound
93-97 Golem (roll 1D8: 1-2: clay, 3-5: wood, 6-7: insect (treat as maggot), 8: stone)
98-99: Oracle
00: Old woodsman hut (roll 1D6: 1: terrifying presence, 2: madman, 3: portal to elsewhere, 4: normal hut, 5: old witches place, 6: amazingly restful place)

Roll 1D100
01-08: Thick trees
09-17: Quicksand
18-26: Wait-a-while
27-35: Gympie
36-43: Path loops upon itself
44-52: Leads to an open area
53-60: Lots of vines
61-65: Serene lake
66-73: Falling leaves
74-79: Trees begin to look like each other
80-85: Path disappears
86-90: Multiple paths appear and disappear
91-00: Forest fire

Roll 1D100
01-10: Heavy rain
11-20: Earthquake
21-30: Snow
31-40: Lightning
41-50: Sand storm
51-60: Extreme wind
61-70: Flash flood
71-80: Tornado
81-90: Fire rain
91-99: Acid rain
00: Volcanic eruption

Roll 1D100
01-06: Doppelganger
07-12: Woodsman hut
13-18: Dimensional portal
19-24: A doorway
25-30: Trees come to life
31-36: Time speeds up
37-42: Time slows down
43-48: Area shift
49-54: Ghosts are battling (players cant interact)
55-60: A storm is happening in a 10m x 10m area (roll on table 3)
61-66: Dragon
67-72: Powerful wizard
73-78: Hydra
79-84: Inter-dimensional planer shift
85-92: Random person of note
93-00: Oracle 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bouncer Class

so jason has been working on the blue rabbit bar book (kinda like vornheim) for a bit and has asked me to do up the bouncer class for him. i have decided to take my own run ins with bouncers into account and then made the following class: 

Bouncer class

HD - 1D8 + con mod
AC - 10 +/- dex mod
THAC0/BAB – same as fighter
Saves – same as rogue (also add level when saving against anything with booze)
XP – 2000 for level 2, doubled for each subsequent level. Once that number hits 128k (for lvl8), just keep adding 128k for each subsequent level (256k lvl9, 384k lvl10 etc.)

Bouncers cant wear any armour other than leather

Bouncers gain a +level to any grapple rolls that they need to make

Bouncers get a +1 to hit and damage for every other bouncer attacking the same target (to a maximum of +3)

Can use improvised weapons without penalty the minimum damage that can be done with them is 1D6+STR bonus
Can learn different moves from this table, roll 1D20 once on this table at character creation and every level after that (re-roll any doubles). These moves are used instead of attacking, you still need to attack as normal (roll to hit) but you do no damage, the moves description takes place instead. Any armour that would stop the attack from working (eg helmet, cup, etc) doesn’t if it is within AC 10 +/- level (eg armour of 13 with a helmet can still be headbutted by a level 3 character)
  1.  Eye gouge – cause temp blindness (lasts half level (round up)+1 number of rounds), if done while opponent is blinded roll 1D6 (1-3 left, 4-6 right) they lose that eye.
  2. Groin kick – stunned for half level (round up)+1 number of rounds
  3. Throat punch – stunned (for 1 round), -2 to attacks for 1D4 rounds (save vs death negates)
  4.  Chokehold – knock out, (save vs death negates) (in grapple only)
  5.  Fish hook – stun for 1 round (save vs paralyse negates stun), can reposition them to anywhere within 5ft
  6. Throw – knock down, (save vs breath weapon to change to stunned for 1 round)
  7. Weapon strip – take the weapon off them, you now have control of it
  8. Weapon reversal – damage them with their weapon (in grapple only)
  9. Headbut – stun for 1 round'
  10.  Break arm – loss of an arm temporally (roll 1D6, 1-3 left, 4-6 right) for half level (round up)+1 number of rounds, this causes -2 to attacks, if done again while they cant use that arm, its broken and needs to be healed or cant be used, if done again irreversible damage has been done to the arm and its no longer able to function
  11.  Break leg – temporally disabled leg (roll 1D6 1-3 left, 4-6 right) for half level (round up)+1 number of rounds, this causes half movement and -2 to all actions, if done again while they cant use that leg, its broken and needs to be healed or cant be used, if done again irreversible damage has been done to the leg and its no longer able to function 
  12. Break ribs – causes half movement and -2 to attack actions, this lasts for half level (round up)+1 rounds, if done again while within the original time frame it causes knock down and half movement until they are fixed (save vs petrification negates (the movement penalty))
  13. Discombobulate – causes loss of hearing and -2 to everything (except saves) for half level (round up)+1 rounds (save vs paralysation negates) if done again while within the time frame they loose their hearing in their (1D6 1-3 left, 4-6 right) ear and are at -2 to any checks that involve listening (listening, perception, etc)
  14.  Pile drive – 3D4 damage, unconscious (save vs petrification negates unconsciousness)
  15. Takedown – 1D6 damage, knock down (save vs breath weapon to change to stunned for 1 round), you are now in a grapple
  16.  Drag – move yourself and an opponent anywhere up to half your movement (can only be done in grapple)
  17. Bum rush – 1D8 damage, throw target up to a quarter of your movement+level in feet (counts as charge), can be done in a grapple (target gets a save vs breath weapon to negate, in grapple only). If in grapple you can move half your movement before you throw them, if not in grapple you can be half your movement+level before you throw them (if you have movement left)
  18.  Australian Fast Bowler – 2D6 damage, knock down (save vs breath weapon – half level (min 1) to change to stunned for 1 round), counts as charge
  19. Sorry mate not with those shoes – intimidate, -2 to everything for half level (min 1) in rounds, (roll under half CHA to negate)
  20. Keep an eye on him – with a successful attack, you do nothing but you gain a +2 bonus on your next attack and damage roll or you can ask the GM 1 question about the person you are checking out

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Healing balm

This healing balm is a special concoction that is native to Hexenbracken, it can be made by any of the witches found through the hex map, most alchemists can replicate it also, but they will need a sizeable sample to work from.
A greenish-blue balm made from various herbs and special elements, that when applied to an injured person helps them to recover quickly. This speedy recovery is capabile because the balm uses a mixture of herbal medicine and the innate magic in all of us, tapping into this magic helps the recovery immensely, but is very risky and these risks pose trouble to the person being healed. Of course any witch that sells this balm won’t speak of these problems, because it’s not their problem and why would they want to dissuade a potential customer.
Now that I have written some pretty flavour for the thing, here is the mechanics for it. It will be in bold for easier finding later, and because I know that some people won’t be reading the stuff that I have written. Lets face it, I know im not the best writer and im not going to read it again (unless I have to), so why should I expect you to read it.

Healing balm
1 jar has 1D6 uses (the jar fits in a normal sized pocket)
Cost: about 100GP (could be more or less, its up to GMs)
Heals: 1D10 HP
If used more then once on the same person in a 24 hour period roll on the table below
If the person who recieves this is below 0 HP make a Save VS Poison, if they pass roll on the table, if they fail roll on the table twice

Too much balm table: 1D12
1 – everything is fine
2 – sweet scars, +1 to any intimidation rolls (+2 if they are on your face or somewhere else visible), when you are ever in a cold environment -1 to attacks
3 – temporary malady, -1D6 STR, CON, DEX for 2D6 hours, otherwise everything is fine
4 – a bit sore, gain the fatigued state until you rest for 8 hours (fatigued: -2 STR and DEX, cant run or charge)
5 – cant speak, your character is struck dumb for 1D6 hours (spell casters whos spells require verbal components to cast cant cast them)
6 – dodgey batch, you roll a 1D6 for any healing from this jar now and roll on this table with each use
7 – accelerated healing, the balm worked so well you gain 1D20 temporary HP
8 – healed wrong, your injury healed fine but some part of you was tilted wrong or something, loose 1D6 CON points (permanent)
9 – mutation, you healed so well that you gain an extra bit of something. Roll on a mutation table (there is heaps, so just pick someones and use that one)
10 – everything is fine
11 – toll upon the body, the use of the balm has taken toll upon your body, you now have grey hair or a very pale complexion or big dark circles around your eyes or you age heaps, just pick something
12 – roll twice on this table

War-forged/monstrosity robot thingy/whatever/whatever it is that Jason is playing

HD – 1D8 + con mod
THAC0/BAB – as fighter
AC – hardness of material which it is made from +/- dex mod (10/10 for resin, 12/8 for wood, 14-16/6-4 for metal, etc etc)
XP per level – 2500
Saves – as dwarf

Special abilities:
You’re the result of what happens when magic and machines get together to have a fucking massive party, they then proceeded to get white girl drunk and do every fucking drug, then they decided that even though they only hurt each other that sex is going to be a great idea. Then when you are aborted into the trash bin behind the local clinic, you somehow manage to grip onto life by its haunches and fuck it into submission, proving once and for all that you should live (even though you shouldn’t) as such you get:

Immunity to gas, fatigue, nausea, sleep, exhaustion, most common poisons
Can use any weapon, including rods/staves/wands/guns
Infavission 60 feet
You cannot be healed by normal healing spells (cure light wounds, lay on hands, channel energy, etc etc)
Can be healed by alchemists, mechanics/blacksmiths/shipwrights/whatever uses what you are made of in their profession
Never dies: you don’t ever die, you just keep on going until you hit your con score below zero (then you slip into deaths warm embrace), but any time you are below zero HP you are at that to all of your rolls (except saves) eg -4 HP means -4 to rolls. Also any time you are damaged and below -5 HP roll on the table below
Im in heaps of pain table 1D6
1 – everything is fine
2 – left arm doesn’t work
3 – right arm doesn’t work
4 – +/- 5 to AC (whatever makes you easier to hit)
5 – key component is hit, only get half an action until it is fixed
6 – something breaks loose, save vs death or shut down (treat as unconscious)

Arm swap: you can swap out your arm for some form of weapon, it can be magic wands or spears or cannons or whatever, just make it work and talk to your GM. You can only ever have two weapon systems at one time (one for each arm)
To do an arm swap you will need what you are swapping out and someone to swap it out for you, it can be done by anyone on a roll under INT, they just need to hold it in the right place while your whatever you are does the rest.

Armour mods – can get a armour mod by getting upgraded by whatever uses what you are made of in their profession, this works like getting a +1 armour

Alchemists/whatever works with what you are made of,  can make a special concoction that can work as cure wounds potions, from a combination of scrap whatever and magic and a bonding liquid (like linseed oil or car oil)

Monday, 15 April 2013

SCUBA Goblins

These goblins have found that by attacking at an enemy underwater that they won’t see it coming and that they can surprise them better and kill them faster, so they have rigged up a terribly poor SCUBA suit to make it just so.

This SCUBA suit is made up of a mask, some goggles (steampunk style), a large long metal pipe (they are goblins they don’t think or care about rust), 1 or more pig stomachs filled with air (only air, to many goblins died figuring this out) each stomach is worth about 1 hour of breathing. They also wear a belt with lots of pouches on it that are filled with rocks, it is these rocks that help them sink

SCUBA Goblin stats
Number of SCUBA goblins in attack – 1D3 per party member (make it a D6 if they are over level 3, and a D8 if they are over level 5)
HD – 2D6
THAC0/BAB – 19/+2
AC – 12/9 (ascending/descending)
Stealth – 34%
Gear – all SCUBA goblins have the following
Nasty Knife – 1D6
Crossbow – 1D6 (8 bolts)
SCUBA suit
There is also a 10% chance that one of SCUBA Goblins will have a Shatterbow (treat as heavy crossbow with the following changes: Damage – 1D8, 10’ blast (save vs breath weapon/dex save/reflex save, or take 1D4 damage), 60% chance that it wont light (if it doesn’t light it only does 1D6 damage), 4 bolts)
They don’t carry any treasure when they attack

When they come to shore they will fire their crossbows at whoever is the closest target, they will then have a 25% chance to remember to remove the rock belt, if they fail this they are at -2 to all of their actions from then on and move at half speed

If you take one of the SCUBA sets you have a 35% chance that it will fit your face, otherwise it will have to be taken to an armourer to get them to fix it up so that it will work for you. For the armourer to get it working he will need two sets to make one and it will be 100GP (negotiation could get it lower)
Once this is done there is a 15% chance that the pig stomach is going to burst when traveling, so whenever setting up the gear roll to find this out

i will probably at some point update this to have a cool picture of a SCUBA Goblin or the SCUBA suit or something (just dont expect it too soon)

have fun playing with these guys kids

Sunday, 14 April 2013


So I have been thinking about different ways to involve these in my games (both online and at home) and after playing bioshock infinite I have figured out how (or at least how I am going to do it)

i also ran this idea in a game yesterday and i tested some of the bugs that i had with it (they did heaps of damage and ended up with heaps of uses) and i feel like i got rid of the various wrinkles that they had.

So you get the tonics/vigours/plasmid (here after referred to as potions or tonics) in your potion form, each potion is able to be only drunk once regardless of how many shots is in the potion (even if you decant it into a bigger bottle/vial and put more of the same potion in). a single tonic can only ever be drunk once and only one can ever be active on a person. When you drink the tonic you make a save vs poison/con save/fort save, if you pass you get your WIS modifier (im going to do a table for this) in uses of the tonic, if you fail you take 1D6 damage and get your WIS + INT modifier (im going to do a table for this) in uses. Each tonic does 2D4+level damage, and its elemental effects can cause other things to happen (like fire can light stuff on fire, lightning can short things out or shock things, etc etc), this is up to the gm of the game to decide how they want to implement the elemental effects of the tonic. if you drink a new tonic while you have one active the new one replaces the old one and you must make another save vs poision/con save/fort save and then you get the effects of the tonic you drank and no longer have the effects of the old one (unless you drank the same kind, then all you get is a refill as per the above for drinking)

If you couldn’t understand my stream of consciousness above I will try and streamline it down here

When you drink a tonic make a save vs poision/con save/fort save, if you pass you gain your WIS modifier (see below) in uses of the tonic, if you fail you take 1D6 damage and gain your WIS+INT modifier (see below) in uses of the tonic. The tonic does 2D4+level damage, and its elemental effects can cause other things to happen as per the type of tonic that it is (eg fireball can light stuff on fire), this final part is up to the GM of the game to decide how to run it. 

ability score          modifier
11 or below              1
12-13                        2
14-15                        3
16-17                        4
18-19                        5
20-21                        6    
22 or above              7

as all ways, let me know what you think and feel free to use this stuff for what ever you want