Friday, 25 January 2013

Goblin race for Arena

this is the Goblin race that i made


Movement – 25’
Health Dice – 1D4 ever other level (3, 5, 7, and 9)

Special Ability – Sneak Attack; Goblins do an extra 1d6 damage when in the rear arc or when striking out of cover. This ability stacks with any other instance of Sneak Attack

Human race for Arena

this is the human race that i made


Movement – 30’
Health Dice – 1D6 ever other level (3, 5, 7, and 9)

Special Ability – reroll one dice (any dice, even damage) per level (so once at 1st, twice at 2nd, etc etc), you have to take the result of the reroll (even if its worse)

Ex; Rogue rolls to hit and succeeds, then rolls for damage and gets a 1, chooses to use his human reroll and gets a 5.
Assassin rolls to hit and misses, reroll and hits

Dwarf race for Arena

this is the Dwarf race that i made


Movement – 20’
Health Dice – 1D8 ever other level (3, 5, 7, and 9)

Special Ability – regenerate; the Dwarf can take a full action to regenerate some hit points, this can be used once per level. For the amount of damage that a Dwarf can heal refer to table below

Dwarf Regeneration Table;
Level 1-4 – 1D4
Level 5-8 – 1D6
Level 9-10 – 1D8

Wizard class for Arena

this is the Wizards class that i have made

HP – 3
AC – 11
MAB – +0
RAB – +2
Save – 12+

Melee – 1d4 (small knife)
Ranged – refer to spell cast

1st – magic missile; 1d4+1 damage
2nd – acid arrow; 2d4 damage (then 2d4 acid damage next turn)
3rd – fire ball; 2d6 damage (20ft radius) (make save or on fire)
4th – summon creature; summon a small-medium size creature, this is now an ally
5th – power increase; MAB is now +1, RAB is now +3
6th – cone of coldness; 3d6 damage (make a save or paralyzed)
7th – chain lightning; 3d6 damage (leaps 1d6 times, cant go to a previous target or this model) 2d4 damage (for leaps)
8th – arcane armor; AC is now considered 17 for 1d4 turns (takes that long to be available again)
9th – polymorph; target must make a save at -3 or be turned into a sheep (1d4 hit points)
10th – summon creature level 2; summon a medium-large size creature, this is now an ally

Rogue class for Arena

this is the Rogue class

HP – 5
AC – 13
MAB – +1
RAB – +1
Save – 14+

Melee – 1d6 (short sword or large knife)
Ranged – 1d4 (small knifes or shuriken)

1st – sneak attack; this model does an extra 1d6 damage when in the rear arc or when striking out of cover
2nd – hide; if this model is within 1 inch of partial cover is considered to be hidden
3rd – evasion; this model is considered to have a 360 degree arc
4th – light fingers; if this model succeeds in a save then it can make an attack using the profile of any model that is in BtB (base to base) contact with (including level bonuses)
5th – cut throat; MAB is now +2, RAB is now +2
6th – sneak attack level 2; sneak attack bonus is now 2d6
7th – crippling strike; when a successful sneak attack is made that player must make a save or lose 3AC for 1d4 turns
8th – cut throat level 2; MAB is now +3, RAB is now +3
9th – sneak attack level 3, sneak attack bonus is now 3d6
10th – uncanny dodge; this model can make a save when taking any damage to take half instead 

Ranger class for Arena

this is the ranger class

HP – 7
AC – 13
MAB – +0
RAB – +1
Save – 13+

Melee weapon – 1d6 (short sword or axe)
Ranged weapon – 1d6 (short bow or something similar)

1st – all terrain; doesn’t apply any penalties while moving though terrain
2nd – hunter; has a +2 bonus to hit (melee and ranged) against any beast model
3rd – woodland warrior; in any terrain that has trees or shrubs this model is considered to be hidden (must be in terrain to benefit)
4th – clear sight; MAB is now +1, RAB is now +2
5th – tracker; the benefits of hidden don’t count against attacks from this model
6th – camouflage; this model is considered hidden in any terrain (must be in the terrain to benefit) 
7th – animal companion; put in a small beast as an ally
8th – clear sight level 2; MAB is now +2, RAB is now +3
9th – quick shot; this model can do two ranged attacks in the same turn
10th – beast master; put another small beast in as an ally (for 2 beast models) or remove the small one and replace it with a medium beast (for 1 beast model) 

Assassin class for Arena

so this is the assassin class that i have made for my Arena game

HP – 4
AC – 14
MAB - +0
RAB - +0
Save – 15+

Melee weapon – 1d6 (large knife or small sword)
Ranged weapon – 1d4 (blow darts or throwing weapon)

1st – hide; the assassin model when within 1 inch of partial cover is considered to be hidden
2nd – sneak attack; this model does an extra 1d6 damage when in the rear arc or when striking out of cover
3rd – weak spot; melee attacks are now at +2, ranged attacks are now +1
4th – poison blade; the melee weapons of this model now do poisoned attacks as well as normal damage
5th – sneak attack level 2; sneak attack damage is now 2d6
6th – weak spot level 2; melee attacks are now +3, ranged attacks are now +2
7th – killing blow; the melee weapons of this model now cause a save or die wound (1 point of damage must be taken for this to happen)
8th – poison weapons; the ranged attacks this model makes now do poisoned damage, as well as normal damage
9th – sneak attack level 3; sneak attack damage is now 3d6
10th – master assassin; all weapons cause save or die, MAB is now +5, RAB is now +4, sneak attack damage is now 4d6

let me know what you think


So i am in the process of writing a game up to use with my different fantasy models, and to also be there for when i get my models from the reaper minis kickstarter (which i think i ended up putting about $400 into).

so i am going to be using derived stats from 3.x/pathfinder (using the OGL and SRD) to give the models information (like BAB, AC, HP, weapon damage, skills, etc etc) and then from there it will be just a series of different rules and interpretations of the rules to make it all work. the whole idea of the game is to get one of the models that you have up to level 10 and then get a couple of kills, each kill is worth a level and with each level comes a new upgrade/skill/what ever. to start out with i have written out a couple of different rules (like what is being hidden and what being hidden gives you), and the rules are getting more and more in depth as i continue writing out the different races and classes that can be played, at the moment i have started with a few different classes that fit a couple of the models that i have (assassin, rogue, wizard) and then i went with a few different races that would work with the models that i have (only human, but i have done a couple more, like dwarf and goblin). i think that the amount of depth that will be included in this game wont be much, so that way i can keep the rules quick and easy, and that the games can also be quick, easy, and fun. any way what i am going to do is put up a few of the different classes and races that i have made (but into there own separate posts) so that way if anyone feels like commenting upon them they can do so and i wont be confused about what thing they are talking about (i am only a aussie after all)

anyway feel free to comment upon them, in regards to what you think would work better or what i should use instead of something else, and all that jazz

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Couple of Random Tables

here are a couple of different random tables that i have written up for a game of Murder-Maze (here is a rules link for it that i was going to run a few days ago (but i will probably run it in a couple of days).

the idea behind them was to fit into the Murder-Maze style of game while at the same time not count anyone out for playing something random (like spiderman, or an ooze) so i went for a weapons table and an armor table.

first up is the weapon table;

1 - Fragmentation Mine; this weapon activates when someone comes within 10' of it and explodes in a 10' radius, 2D6 damage
2 - Pistol of Wonder; this small pistol has a wooden handle with a weird looking segmented barrel and a veriety of different symbols notched into it, it has 1D4 +2 shots, roll on wand of wonder table for effect
3 - Small Pistol; this is a 9mm pistol, it has 8 shots, 2D4 damage
4 - Large Sword; this sword is any type of large sword (that can be used one or two handed), 1D8 damage (one handed) / 1D10 damage (two handed)
5 - Claymore Mine; this weapon works with a 20' cone facing in a single direction, 4D4 damage
6 - Two-sided Energy Blade; this is a large energy sword that has two blades on it, 1D12 damage, on a fumble the player using this rolls on the death and dismemberment table
7 - Laser Pistol; this small pistol is the standard sidearm for any good imperial agent in the universe, 1D8 damage, if a fumble is rolled the pistol becomes a very nice looking paper weight
8 - Poison Blade; this small blade is nothing special to look at but it seems to constantly excrete some sort of poison, 1D4 damage and a save vs paralyze (paralyzed target looses next turn)

now for the armor table;

1 - Armored Vest; this vest is made of a kevlar/spider silk composite weave, 25% chance of taking half damage (roll under 25 on D100)
2 - Nanobot Pen; this small epi pen has a constantly moving silvery-black liquid inside of it, when taken ignore your next result on the death and dismemberment table
3 - Cure Wounds Potion; this small vial has a radiant greenish-yellow liquid in it, heal 1D6 HP
4 - Chameleon Suit; this jumpsuit has a series of reactive panels on it that automatically blends into its surrounding area, +2 to AC, when ever you are hiding you are at -4 to be found
5 - Shock Vest; this vest is made up of a verity of different segments that are all connected to a small battery pack located on the back of the vest, when ever you take damage you emit a small electrostatic shock doing 1D4 damage, if someone is hit by this shock they must make a CON save or loose half of their next action
6 - Leather Jacket; this jacket is exactly what "the Fonz" wore on happy days, you take 2 points less damage from every attack
7 - Over Shield; this small shield generator can fit inside of your pocket, it makes a small purpleish field surround your body negating all damage for 1D10 rounds
8 - Duster; this is a large brown duster, you have seen it on every cowboy movie ever (and newer movies too), whenever you make an melee attack anyone within 30' of you must make a WIL save or be stunned for 1 round (only have half an action)

so that is what they are, if you think that they are over powered or have something that you would like to add to the mix let me know