Friday, 25 January 2013


So i am in the process of writing a game up to use with my different fantasy models, and to also be there for when i get my models from the reaper minis kickstarter (which i think i ended up putting about $400 into).

so i am going to be using derived stats from 3.x/pathfinder (using the OGL and SRD) to give the models information (like BAB, AC, HP, weapon damage, skills, etc etc) and then from there it will be just a series of different rules and interpretations of the rules to make it all work. the whole idea of the game is to get one of the models that you have up to level 10 and then get a couple of kills, each kill is worth a level and with each level comes a new upgrade/skill/what ever. to start out with i have written out a couple of different rules (like what is being hidden and what being hidden gives you), and the rules are getting more and more in depth as i continue writing out the different races and classes that can be played, at the moment i have started with a few different classes that fit a couple of the models that i have (assassin, rogue, wizard) and then i went with a few different races that would work with the models that i have (only human, but i have done a couple more, like dwarf and goblin). i think that the amount of depth that will be included in this game wont be much, so that way i can keep the rules quick and easy, and that the games can also be quick, easy, and fun. any way what i am going to do is put up a few of the different classes and races that i have made (but into there own separate posts) so that way if anyone feels like commenting upon them they can do so and i wont be confused about what thing they are talking about (i am only a aussie after all)

anyway feel free to comment upon them, in regards to what you think would work better or what i should use instead of something else, and all that jazz

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