Friday, 25 January 2013

Ranger class for Arena

this is the ranger class

HP – 7
AC – 13
MAB – +0
RAB – +1
Save – 13+

Melee weapon – 1d6 (short sword or axe)
Ranged weapon – 1d6 (short bow or something similar)

1st – all terrain; doesn’t apply any penalties while moving though terrain
2nd – hunter; has a +2 bonus to hit (melee and ranged) against any beast model
3rd – woodland warrior; in any terrain that has trees or shrubs this model is considered to be hidden (must be in terrain to benefit)
4th – clear sight; MAB is now +1, RAB is now +2
5th – tracker; the benefits of hidden don’t count against attacks from this model
6th – camouflage; this model is considered hidden in any terrain (must be in the terrain to benefit) 
7th – animal companion; put in a small beast as an ally
8th – clear sight level 2; MAB is now +2, RAB is now +3
9th – quick shot; this model can do two ranged attacks in the same turn
10th – beast master; put another small beast in as an ally (for 2 beast models) or remove the small one and replace it with a medium beast (for 1 beast model) 

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