Friday, 25 January 2013

Rogue class for Arena

this is the Rogue class

HP – 5
AC – 13
MAB – +1
RAB – +1
Save – 14+

Melee – 1d6 (short sword or large knife)
Ranged – 1d4 (small knifes or shuriken)

1st – sneak attack; this model does an extra 1d6 damage when in the rear arc or when striking out of cover
2nd – hide; if this model is within 1 inch of partial cover is considered to be hidden
3rd – evasion; this model is considered to have a 360 degree arc
4th – light fingers; if this model succeeds in a save then it can make an attack using the profile of any model that is in BtB (base to base) contact with (including level bonuses)
5th – cut throat; MAB is now +2, RAB is now +2
6th – sneak attack level 2; sneak attack bonus is now 2d6
7th – crippling strike; when a successful sneak attack is made that player must make a save or lose 3AC for 1d4 turns
8th – cut throat level 2; MAB is now +3, RAB is now +3
9th – sneak attack level 3, sneak attack bonus is now 3d6
10th – uncanny dodge; this model can make a save when taking any damage to take half instead 

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