Friday, 25 January 2013

Wizard class for Arena

this is the Wizards class that i have made

HP – 3
AC – 11
MAB – +0
RAB – +2
Save – 12+

Melee – 1d4 (small knife)
Ranged – refer to spell cast

1st – magic missile; 1d4+1 damage
2nd – acid arrow; 2d4 damage (then 2d4 acid damage next turn)
3rd – fire ball; 2d6 damage (20ft radius) (make save or on fire)
4th – summon creature; summon a small-medium size creature, this is now an ally
5th – power increase; MAB is now +1, RAB is now +3
6th – cone of coldness; 3d6 damage (make a save or paralyzed)
7th – chain lightning; 3d6 damage (leaps 1d6 times, cant go to a previous target or this model) 2d4 damage (for leaps)
8th – arcane armor; AC is now considered 17 for 1d4 turns (takes that long to be available again)
9th – polymorph; target must make a save at -3 or be turned into a sheep (1d4 hit points)
10th – summon creature level 2; summon a medium-large size creature, this is now an ally

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