Saturday, 23 February 2013

Explosive Explosions part 2

Apparently the stuff that I did for explosions wasn’t good enough (it didn’t have enough content and I missed some stuff) so I am now doing a part 2 of it. i hope that you are happy jason and jez (you big jerks)

So I am still going to stick with dynamite (because its more likely to pop up in a fantasy setting then say C4 or something else) and I will be covering: boiling it and being used in a confined space (like a dungeon).

I will start with boiling it:
So you can boil dynamite in a kettle of water to get liquid nitroglycerine (the part of the dynamite that goes bang), this process is actually quite simple and can be done by anyone. You place a couple of sticks of dynamite into a kettle of water and then put it over a medium heat (a camp fire works fine for this) then keep a close eye on it as the water heats up and comes close to a boil, this process causes the nitroglycerine to separate away from the saw dust (amongst other things) and return to its natural state a liquid. This liquid is lighter then water and as such it rises to the top of the kettle of water, carefully pour (or scrape/spoon) the liquid nitroglycerine into the new container that you want to keep it in, and you’re done. Each stick can give you enough to fill up a small vial (something that you would keep a small amount of poison in), each of these vials do 1D6 damage. It’s much more unstable in this liquid form and as such you have a 47% chance of it going off (read: randomly exploding), but this is a risk worth taking.

So put into a small easy to read thingy:

Boiling Dynamite: make two wisdom checks or two demolitions roll (DC 15)

if you fail the first one you waste the stick of dynamite and need to start again, if you fail the second roll everyone around the camp fire takes 1D6 damage and needs to make a dex save or reflex save (or save vs breath weapon) if you fail you take an additional 1D4 damage as bits of the fire hits you.

Successfully passing both of these gets you a small vial of liquid nitroglycerine, this does 1D6 damage, has a 47% chance of accidently going off when you take falling damage (or something similar) or when knocked down. This liquid can be poured into small gaps (such as locks) to blow them open, by doing this you use the whole vial and what ever is blown open cant ever be closed again (or locked, or what ever)

Onto the second part now, using dynamite in an enclosed space.

Whenever you use dynamite in an enclosed space the explosive effect becomes larger as the force of the explosion trys to find the path of least resistance to escape. This causes the explosive wave to bounce back and forth inside of the area of the effect, this means that the damage that it causes can be much larger then is originally intended. So for every 10 feet in diameter that the explosion cant travel, add 5 feet to where it can and 1D6 extra damage. Also if you come to a point where the explosion has no where to go except around a corner, take 5 feet of the of distance that the explosion travels for every 90 degree turn

Now in a nice little easily read thingy:

For every 10 feet the explosion cant travel outwards add 5 feet where it can travel and an extra 1D6 damage. Also when ever en explosion makes a 90 degree turn reduce the distance by 5 feet

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