Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Explosive Explosions, part 3

Apparently i still havent made people happy (jez) with the explosion stuff that i have done and they are still wanting more, to be specific what they want it:
where are the rules for sewing explosives inside of hirelings?
where are the rules for explosives in pipes pointed at cthulhu's eye?
where are the rules for collapsing dungeons with explosives?

so i guess that i should make jez happy and do at least one or two of these.

i will start with collapsing dungeons with explosives and the figure it out from there (the other two are kind of going into the realm of IEDs and i dont know if i should cover them here, or even do them in general)

so collapsing a dungeon with explosives, this is a more common place occurrence then one would think. not only is it helpful, but it can change the entire dynamic of the place just one little explosion. the explosive force that happens when explosions go off tends to be destructive (you can create with explosions, but it tends to be broad strokes not fine brush work), you dont need a large amount of bang to knock something down, but it does need to be placed correctly (or incorrectly and large enough). so i will maintain my working with dynamite here and crack on with some rules stuff.

Any amount of dynamite sticks that are used can cause a collapse, but most of the time one or two rarely wont (unless the place is really old and poorly maintained) so depending upon what the dungeon is made out of (rough hewn earth, solid stone, some form of adamantium/mithril composite) its really up to the gm/dm/keeper/st/what have you if you would want to do it like this. any time more then 5 sticks of dynamite is used in the confined space of a dungeon (when the explosion cant travel its full distance) there is a 50% chance that it will cause a collapse/cave-in/what ever and burry up to 1D6x5/10 (1-3 = 5, 4-6 = 10) feet starting at the explosion and moving out in a rough circular pattern. anyone caught within this area needs to make a dex save (-4 to dex)/reflex save (DC20)/save vs breath weapon (-2) or they will be crushed by the falling debris, and take 3D12 damage and make a con save (-6)/fort save (DC25)/save vs death or in die in 1D4+1 turns. the more sticks of dynamite used the larger the chance of a collapse/cave-in/what ever, so for every extra stick used above 5 add 5% to the chance (eg 6 = 55%, 8 = 65%). this effect can also happen on purpose, but for this to happen you need to make a successful wis roll (-2)/demo check (DC20) to make it happen, the minimum amount of sticks used this way is 4.

now in a nice little easy to read thing

if you use 5 or more sticks of dynamite you have a chance to cave the dungeon in, the base chance for this is 50%, add 5% for every stick of dynamite you use over 5 (eg 7 sticks of dynamtie = 60% chance of a cave-in). if one happens it caves in 1d6x5/10 (roll a D6 on a 1-3 = 5, a 4-6 = 10) feet in a rough circular pattern. if you are caught within this cave in make a dex save (-4)/reflex save (DC20)/save vs breath weapon (-2) or take 3D12 damage from falling debris, then make a con save(-6)/fort save (DC25)/save vs death or die in 1D4+1 turns (unless you are freed) 

as the other two that i was asked to do sort of fall into the realm of IEDs i think that i will leave them for another day, and sign this one off here

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