Friday, 15 February 2013

Explosive Explosions

Explosives are something that we all love (or maybe just me), but in a game that they are available they are something that you would want to get your hands onto. The amount of use that they have are so vast that there is little that you cant do with them (make a seduction check), and it is here that they can also get hard, like how much damage should 1 dynamite stick do? What about 5 sticks? When I get more how big of a explsion do I get? Some of these questions where asked and when I was asked to use some knowledge that I have on the subject to make it simple I have thought maybe I could do just that, then it turns out that while I was thinking about this subject at work (and talking to a couple of other people about it) I realized that it will be kind of hard to be able to answer all of the questions that was asked. So what I am going to do is try my best to simplify something that really isn’t.

So anyway I will work with sticks of dynamite, as I think that they are the probably something that will be used most (or at least something of a base line to work off of). So here we go (also did you know that Alfred Nobel invented it in 1867)

Dynamite – weight: 500 grams, damage: 2D6, blast radius: 5 feet, error range: 15% and if someone takes falling damage (or similar) you have a 20% chance of it going off
Each extra stick of dynamite adds +1D6 damage (up to a maximum of 10D6 damage) and an extra 5 feet to the radius (up to a maximum of a 20 foot radius)

Because this is a destructive blast when working out is if strong enough to blast though a wall or earth or what ever, the amount of sticks required is 1 per 1 cubic foot of what ever.

Shrapnel (named after an artillery lieutenant from back in England’s red coat days) can travel quite a distance from an explosive blast, but as it travels further away from the original explosion it looses much of its ability to hurt someone/something, so the distance that it can really be effective is around about 50-100ft. so here is some stuff for shrapnel damage:

Shrapnel – save vs breath weapon / make a dex check, if you fail you take 3D4 damage, if you are successful you take 1D6 damage. This affects anyone with in 100ft of the blast (but not within the blast itself) and if the weapon is shaped the blast works as a cone shaped blast in the direction the shaping would send the blast.

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