Sunday, 31 March 2013

random weapon jam table

so i have been helping out jason (over here) with some of this work on his american tartary stuff (manly looking over the weapons and explosives stuff, but hey when you know something you may as well talk about it and help out)

so he was working on some weapons stuff and didnt know what to do for if they stuffed up or critical failed a roll, so i said that i would write up a random jam table for him. so here it is:

Random weapon jam table
Roll 1D6
1 You didn’t put the magazine/clip/(whatever for laser weapons) all the way in, it’s now at your feet
2 Empty magazine/clip/(whatever for laser weapons)
3 Double feed, there is two rounds in the chamber
4 Didn’t eject last round correctly, didn’t cycle to next round, didn’t (whatever for laser weapons) correctly – add +1 to rolls on this table from now on
5 Bad ammo/dud round/poorly charged (whatever for laser weapons) – add +1 to rolls on this table from now on
6 Broken extractor/rotation pole/(whatever for laser weapons) – (when you fire roll under 48% otherwise you suffer a double feed) – add +1 to rolls on this table from now on
7+ Broken firing pin/hammer/(whatever for laser weapons) –  (weapon is actually broken)

please let me know if i should of added anything else or what you think of it