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Hexenbracken, a play through (kinda)

So I ran some people through a hex-crawl of hexenbracken today, it was good times (or at least I had fun, I hope that the others did too)
For those of you who are living under a rock or just haven heard about it, have a read of this (here) and this (here)
The parfty was made up of a druid (I think it was like level 7 or something), two muscle wizards (herel) (they were level two I think), and a survivalist (sorry no link for this bad boy) (level one, rolled before we started) he had a backpack full of ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (anfo) which we worked out to be about 21 sticks of dynamite worth of explosives
So anyway, I decided that I would get them to roll 2D20 to find out what area they would start in and we got a 2 and a 3, 0302 is water and 0203 is swamp, so we ran with the swamp. The description for 0302 is:
An orc in a rowboat guarding a locked chest. Full of killer bees.
Giant sits on a throne of living humans stitched together.
Salt water marsh as far as the eye can see. Long legged birds prey on fish in the shallows.

I decided to not worry about the first part (the bit with the orc) and described the area and what was going on with the long legged birds (I cant believe its not a flamingo) and then asked for a perception test to see the giant and his living throne of humans, it was good that they all passed (well one didn’t, but he was the druid and is wearing armour made out of crocodiles) as I used a monster generator to make the giant just in case they decided to fight it and it would of fucked them up (it had a great club that did 1D8+12 damage, and was  mage)  but they hid good and proper. After seeing that bad boy the decided to go the opposite way to the monstrosity that was the human throne, and they went into hex 0304.

The description for 0304 is:
A bustling port town, nearby healing spring houses symbiotic parasites than actually run the town.

This is all well and good because there is some ocean near by, but the port would have to be near the ocean (otherwise its just silly being a port town) so I rolled on the random encounter table (just a silly one that I had laying around) and got a 1 which is:
1D12 Goblins on war pigs
Goblin –  HD 1D8, armed with spears and swords, 25% for them to have a shield, AC 11/10
War pig – HD 1D6, tusks can gore for 1D8 damage, can move 30ft per turn

I roll an 11 for the amount of goblins and got the guys to do a test to see them (they all passed) and as such they got a surprise round in first, the druid cast entangle and got them all, then the others killed one each, one goblin managed to get free, the others turned on him killing him hard. So I just hand waved the rest and they went into the town.

I didn’t know what they ended up thinking that they would do in the town, so I grabbed Vornheim (link) to make sure that if they did want to do something I had a book that I could quickly flick though to work it all out at a moments notice.

I describe the town as a bit bigger then the actual description for 0304 gives it, and then said that there was lots of different “bath houses” and “large open style roman baths” and that they all had healing properties. The survivalist decided to go out and buy some stuff some that he could turn his back pack of anfo (which must be water tight or something) into a rudimentary pipe bomb. Also the waters were spoken about a bit by the people of the city and they were all asked to go have a dip in them. This concerned the group a little as they were all wizards (except the druid, but they pretty much are too, also the survivalist isn’t a wizard either), and they decided that they would see if the water was being sold as “cure light wounds” turns out it was, for 15 gold per vial (each vial was good for two uses), they asked for a quick description from the seller, I just said “ït heals 1D6 HP”. This made them think that the water must be something dodgy and decided to go get a bloke drunk and ask him some questions about the water, as up until now they had been getting a bum steer from everyone else. They found out form the drunk that there is a place called “the dark docks” which is one of the docks in the town (which was more cityish I guess) that is in a constant shadow and that is where the freaks are sent and hang out. They decided to check the freaks out and found out that they had been mutated by the “healing baths/water” and that they seem to have something weird going on with them, something that dispel magic wont stop or remove poison either (something else too, but I cant remember what it was and it isn’t in my notes). The manage to interrogate one of the mutants and find out that cure light wounds hurts it and that it was slowly poisoning itself. Then it died and 6 small catipillar like creatures ran (unnaturally fast for its form) from its ears/nose/eyes/mouth for the ocean, only one of them see this and attempts to squish one, but doesn’t. he tells the rest what is up and they decided that they need to go to the cave that the mutant told them about and find out what is up with it. So the head over to the normal docks and attempt to steal a boat (poorly), but after some aggressive negations (in which a character nearly dies) they end up getting a boat (and killed its captain) and charm one of the sailors to take them into the ocean to find the cave.

They head into hex 0404 its description is:
This area contains a school of semi-intelligent squid (Int 5). They hunt in this area and will even attacks sailors that fish them. Attempt to communicate with them can be made.

Upon coming in here they come up with a plan of attack for the cave, the druid summons some fae to speak to (he gets a bunch of mermaids) and they find out that there is some weird tree in there that is causing the parasites to attack people and take control of them, they ask if another way in is available, they are told that there is but that they wont be able to get to it as its underwater and they would die), they also were told that the mermaids wont go near the cave at all because it trys to take control of them, they also were told not to speak to the squids because they worked for the tree. They do a bit of resting, spell casting, and some healing (for the survivalist jerk who nearly died), some more resting and rearranging spells. Then off to the cave, they find it easily as they were told by about four different sources where to go (including mermaids and a sailor who saw it on his way into the port) and they arrive. The cave itself is very large (so large a battle ship could fit in there) and it looks like it has been worked on by masterful stone workers, there are some skeletons around the cave itself and they look like they have just fallen dead where they were working. This concerned the group as they hadn’t seen any skeletons up to this point and they weren’t really ready to take them on (they could of, but they just didn’t want to waste stuff on them that they could use on the tree). As soon as they hit the threshold of the cave the wind stopped entirely and the boat just floated into the mouth of the cave. There was more skeletons around the place and some on the shore in the cave, but they didn’t come to life and the party relaxed. The druid used his find plant spell and described the tree as the target (it had been described to them a few times) it was about 300 feet away and at a 45 degree angle from them, it was at this point that we had a miscommunication and I dicked them around a little (it was totally my fuck up) but they ran with it and just walked down the corridor towards the tree. Along their way they found a bunch of saplings of the tree and the druid told them that it would be a good idea to give them a wide berth. They continued on and then came to the three, and they attacked it as soon as they could. I decided that this thing would have about 120 HP and a damage reduction of about 2, and that its AC would be something in the 14/8 area, it would attack with spores of the symbiotic parasite, and that its roots could be manipulated into striking. So they attacked it some more (the druid had a octopus animal companion that was attacking it in melee, the rest were just shooting it with magic or guns or rods) they were messing it up when it then missed them all with its four root attacks (one on each) and the octopus got hit with the spores and then healed heaps (then it mutated with a random roll on the metamorphica D1000 table, it got ADD, stupid jerk octopus), the survivalist then threw a pipe bomb and blew one of the roots off (we used the explosive rules that I had written up (here)) and one of the wizards put a cone of murder out destroying the other three roots, then the druid used his manipulate wood ability and cut the tree in half and the survivalist then threw a pipe bomb at the tree (it had lots of bang in it this one) and he blew it up hard, and almost killed the octopus, and then caused a cave-in to begin, the octopus was killed by falling debris. The others legged it out of there towards the saplings and the druid was about to be hit by a large bit of falling rock when he turned it to dust with a control rock spell or something (its got a real name and it’s a cool spell, jerk druid) and managed to not be crushed by the rock. They covered the saplings in oil sprayed from wine skins and paper (the survivalist had it) and then lit them on fire and left. We did some hand waving here for them to get back to town, then some more hand waving as the druid got pissed off that everyone was a bit cut that they had killed the tree and he summoned up lions, tirgers, and bears (and fae and other stuff) and then went through and smashed up every vial of the water and emptied out the baths. The wizards managed to nick 22 vials of the water so that they could check it out and keep it for themselves, and the druid did some removal of parasites and other stuff form the poor remaining people, and got paid.

It was there that we ended the adventure and a couple of questions were asked about the vials of water, I answered them and then just said that I would write up something for them. So I will put it up somewhere else (here) and they can let it free into the flailsnails worlds (and it can be crazy)

oh and chris got play of the day for being awesome and planing pretty much everything

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