Monday, 15 April 2013

SCUBA Goblins

These goblins have found that by attacking at an enemy underwater that they won’t see it coming and that they can surprise them better and kill them faster, so they have rigged up a terribly poor SCUBA suit to make it just so.

This SCUBA suit is made up of a mask, some goggles (steampunk style), a large long metal pipe (they are goblins they don’t think or care about rust), 1 or more pig stomachs filled with air (only air, to many goblins died figuring this out) each stomach is worth about 1 hour of breathing. They also wear a belt with lots of pouches on it that are filled with rocks, it is these rocks that help them sink

SCUBA Goblin stats
Number of SCUBA goblins in attack – 1D3 per party member (make it a D6 if they are over level 3, and a D8 if they are over level 5)
HD – 2D6
THAC0/BAB – 19/+2
AC – 12/9 (ascending/descending)
Stealth – 34%
Gear – all SCUBA goblins have the following
Nasty Knife – 1D6
Crossbow – 1D6 (8 bolts)
SCUBA suit
There is also a 10% chance that one of SCUBA Goblins will have a Shatterbow (treat as heavy crossbow with the following changes: Damage – 1D8, 10’ blast (save vs breath weapon/dex save/reflex save, or take 1D4 damage), 60% chance that it wont light (if it doesn’t light it only does 1D6 damage), 4 bolts)
They don’t carry any treasure when they attack

When they come to shore they will fire their crossbows at whoever is the closest target, they will then have a 25% chance to remember to remove the rock belt, if they fail this they are at -2 to all of their actions from then on and move at half speed

If you take one of the SCUBA sets you have a 35% chance that it will fit your face, otherwise it will have to be taken to an armourer to get them to fix it up so that it will work for you. For the armourer to get it working he will need two sets to make one and it will be 100GP (negotiation could get it lower)
Once this is done there is a 15% chance that the pig stomach is going to burst when traveling, so whenever setting up the gear roll to find this out

i will probably at some point update this to have a cool picture of a SCUBA Goblin or the SCUBA suit or something (just dont expect it too soon)

have fun playing with these guys kids

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