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the hexenbracken (or the fort at the end of the world)

The last fort at the end of the world

Inspiration (here
So the idea I had with this is that there is a water world style fort that you can get some rest at, hire some people, trade some goods and services, maybe even buy a thing or two.

This bad boy is the final hex that was written in the hexenbracken hex crawl and when I wrote it I felt that it might be a little lame, then after I was done I thought about it a little bit more and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t lame, that it could work and that I might have actually struck gold with the idea. Then I remembered the water world movie, and even though it was terrible, it still was slightly good. So I hope that I can channel some more of that slightly good stuff for this right here, then the terrible-itty that the movie was.
So here we go:

This floating fort is made our of scraps of wood and metal and put onto giant pontoons, ships, and other floating stuff.
The people who live here whole heartedly believe that just past them is the edge of the world and that if you cross over it you will fall off and die. They will all tell you that there is a massive waterfall like thing (here) and that if you fall off of it you will plummet down for the rest of eternity, which is a fate worse than death.

This floating fort is inhabited by around 30-40 people who have made their pilgrimage across the hexenbracken form the wooden fortress up in hex 0325, they were sent out to find out more about the land and then got lost and wound where they are now. They came by a large boat which is now being used as the towns trading post. This fort is known to the people who inhabit it as “LAST STOP” or just “the stop” because of their belief that the world ends here.

The main people of the fort are:
Mayor William Cost – about 6 feet 4 inches tall, mid to late thirties, greying black hair and beard, walks around with a sword strapped to his hip at all times, is straight and to the point (doesn’t like the beat around the bush), wears brown pants with suspenders a white shirt and a brown vest, slightly distrustful of outsiders

Innkeeper/tavern owner
Harold Thick (level 2 fighter) – about 5 feet 8 inches tall, mid to late forties, short brown hair, constant five o’clock shadow, wears grey pants with a clack shirt and a stained white apron, likes a chat and will banter with everyone, makes a nice feed, prices for food/drink/a room aren’t too bad, has two pretty girls working for him as servers and glassies

Sheriff (has 3 deputies, one of which is always on the wall/main gate)
Sheriff Allan Rogers (level 3 fighter) – about 5 feet 10 inches tall, mid to late thirties, medium length blond hair, neatly shaved, carries a sword and knife, wears black pants a black shirt and a black vest, will listen to anyone, up holds the law
Deputy Melissa Green (level 1 fighter) – about 5 feet 3 inches tall, early thirties, long brown hair in a pony tail or braid, carries a large knife and a crossbow, wears black pants a black shirt and a black vest, short and to the point, upholds the law
Deputy Pete Jones (level 1 fighter) – about 5 feet 5 inches tall, early thirties, short black hair and beard, carries a large knife and a spear, wears black pants a black shirt and a black vest, happy to banter with anyone, corrupt (prefers a donation of 5+ gold)
Deputy Thomas Rain (level 2 fighter) – about 6 feet 6 inches tall, messy brown hair, short messy beard, early to mid thirties, carries a sword and a crossbow, wears black pants a black shirt and a black vest, speaks way too much, corrupt but will still uphold the law

Jane Rivers – about 5 feet 2 inches tall, mid thirties, long black hair, wears a long brown dress and a strained white apron, will speak to women more then men (but if men pay then she will speak the same), has access to a majority of different potions, will identify any potion for a cost of 150/200 gold or trade, will also sell herbs and powders, majority of her stocks come from a small garden behind her shop (well hidden so cant be seen from outside) and the ocean.

Trading post operator
Herman Big – about 7 feet tall, mid to late thirties, short black hair and beard, well dressed in black pinstriped pants with suspenders a white shirt and a black pinstriped vest, is happy to see new comers as they will spend money at his shop, slightly inflated prices, treats everyone as a friend and tells them so, is a fierce negotiator, store is understocked (but still has lots of survival equipment for the ocean, and a few too many spears and harpoons)

Patrick Kirk – about 5 feet 9 inches, mid forties, balding black hair, scruffy black beard, constantly working on something on the fort/ship, wears tattered black pants and shirt, has about 4-5 young boys and girls working for him as apprentices, wont really speak to outsiders (but if someone has visited the fort a few time he will make idle conversation with)

Blacksmith (not a very good shop/set up, most things are poor quality)
Travis Moore – about 6 feet 9 inches, mid to late thirties, short black hair, long black bushy beard, wears brown leather pants a black shirt and a long brown leather apron, will speak to any outsiders openly and attempt to sell them some of his wears, the smith itself isn’t that good (its on a floating fortress after all) but he makes do with what he has got, it is well stocked with weapons and some armour, everything looks well made but really has a 37% chance of breaking after a week of constant use,

Town drunk
Jayne Rivers – about 5 feet 8 inches, mid thirties, mid length brown hair, wear brown pants and a blue shirt, will speak to anyone who is sitting at the bar or who buys him a drink, is full of random information about the area (mostly hear-say though), will tell terrible jokes, can be hired as a hench-person (treat as a level 5 fighter) and has his gear in his room, if hired: every morning roll under 36% or he is drunk

Joan Smyth (level 3-4 mage/sorcerer/cleric) – about 5 feet 1 inch, mid thirties, long red hair, wears a green dress, happy to speak to anyone, has a nice library that has some magical books in it (25% chance to find, takes 1 hour per roll) but the entire place is messy and books are everywhere, knows about the local area

Hench-people (about 8)
Thief Fighter Mage/Cleric
STR     12        14        11       
DEX    14        11        12
CON   11        12        12
INT     12        12        14
WIS     12        11        14
CHA   13        13        14
AC      14/8     17/6     12/10
Gear – standard for class
Weapons – standard for class
Spells – water based spells
Cost     2-3       3          3-4
All prices are in gold

I will post up a poorly drawn map for this in a few days

feel free to let me know what you think

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