Monday, 1 April 2013

the hexenbracken (by which i mean spider-goblin)

so this happened (here) and then this (here) and then this (here) and its all awesome. (oh and this (here) happened too)

but i wrote up a few of them too and as such i feel like i should be awesome like the rest of the people and add some of the stuff that i did so that other people can look at it and be all like "wow that Reece guys is cool"or "man that shits crazy and im never going to use it"

anyway in some of my hexes that i did i included "swamp goblins" or "spider goblins" they are in hexes 1526 and 2124.

here is the info for those guys

Idea for it came from (here)

They are an amalgamation of goblins and spiders. They have a dark green skin with little brown hairs all along their legs and body. The large sack on their back holds the spidersilk that they use to make their webs (this is the part that is worth a little bit of money). They tend to attack from an ambush position or get people tangled up in their webs and then strike when they don’t see it coming.
So here are the stats
HD – 1-2D6
AC 12/9
THAC0/BAB – 19/+1
Movement – 30ft, they also have spider climb (treat as spell, don’t need free hands though)
Weapons – (a spider-goblin will have one (1) of the following weapons)
Short sword – 1D6
Spear – 1D6
Knife – 1D4
Club – 1D6
They will also have a 37% chance of carrying a shield (tends to be about 1-4 guys will have one) this will make their AC 13/8
They all have the web spell and can use it instead of attacking, they can do this HD times 1D6 times, any more after that and they take 1D4 damage per use. See below for web spell info
Treasure – what every they used to fight with, 1D4 silver, web sack (a successful survival/wis/whatever check is required to get the sack of safely, failure will result in being covered in webs (treat as web spell), this is worth 1-8D4 gold)

Web – anyone caught in a web or the area of the effect when the spell is cast must make a reflex/dex/save vs breath weapon save. If you succeed you are entangled but can still move and attack. If you fail you can’t move from that space and must spend 1 round attempting to break loose, a strength/escape artist check. The web is also flammable 

let me know what you think people, also feel free to change them how ever you want

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