Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Vial of Symbiotic Parasite Water

so the vials of symbiotic water that was taken from the place in hexenbracken do this:

Vial of symbiotic water (each vial has two uses)

Roll 1D6 (number of symbiots injested, now refered to as #)
Heal #D6 HP – do this every morning, these new HP add to what you currently have, roll 1D100 over your new HP, if you fail roll on the metamorphica 1D1000 mutation table equile to half the number of symbiots inside of you (rounding up, with a minimum of 1)
After a month the symbiots turn into a parasite (small ultra-quick caterpillar), the above affects are still in effect
Any time someone mentions symbiots or parasites roll 1D100 against your HP, if you get under then nothing happens, if you roll over then you are taken over for 1D10 minutes by the parasites inside of you and are filled with a intent to kill the person talking about them, can be fought with a wis save (roll under half wisdom)
After two months of the above, a part tree part insect will rip itself out of your body doing #D6 damage, and a save vs death (system shock), if you fail you die.
This part tree part insect, will fly away and attempt to pollinate any large flowers (tiger lily’s etc) and then grow a tree which spores will infect people with the symbiotic parasite.

To remove the spores from the body cast purify water (75% chance that it will work, otherwise cast again and add 5% for each new cast)
To remove the parasite surgery must be done, a hold plant/animal will freeze it in place (any that are in the brain a save vs death roll must be made when they are removed)
The part tree part insect will leave the body as soon as it evolves from the parasite

while the symbiot is inside of you (in any of its stages) any healing magic cast upon you is reversed (and not healed by the parasites), this includes any divine healing (so clerics and paladins cant help you either). Any type of potion/tonic/balm/whatever that is taken to heal wounds still work, but at half strength (so the healing balm will only cure 1D5)

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