Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Healing balm

This healing balm is a special concoction that is native to Hexenbracken, it can be made by any of the witches found through the hex map, most alchemists can replicate it also, but they will need a sizeable sample to work from.
A greenish-blue balm made from various herbs and special elements, that when applied to an injured person helps them to recover quickly. This speedy recovery is capabile because the balm uses a mixture of herbal medicine and the innate magic in all of us, tapping into this magic helps the recovery immensely, but is very risky and these risks pose trouble to the person being healed. Of course any witch that sells this balm won’t speak of these problems, because it’s not their problem and why would they want to dissuade a potential customer.
Now that I have written some pretty flavour for the thing, here is the mechanics for it. It will be in bold for easier finding later, and because I know that some people won’t be reading the stuff that I have written. Lets face it, I know im not the best writer and im not going to read it again (unless I have to), so why should I expect you to read it.

Healing balm
1 jar has 1D6 uses (the jar fits in a normal sized pocket)
Cost: about 100GP (could be more or less, its up to GMs)
Heals: 1D10 HP
If used more then once on the same person in a 24 hour period roll on the table below
If the person who recieves this is below 0 HP make a Save VS Poison, if they pass roll on the table, if they fail roll on the table twice

Too much balm table: 1D12
1 – everything is fine
2 – sweet scars, +1 to any intimidation rolls (+2 if they are on your face or somewhere else visible), when you are ever in a cold environment -1 to attacks
3 – temporary malady, -1D6 STR, CON, DEX for 2D6 hours, otherwise everything is fine
4 – a bit sore, gain the fatigued state until you rest for 8 hours (fatigued: -2 STR and DEX, cant run or charge)
5 – cant speak, your character is struck dumb for 1D6 hours (spell casters whos spells require verbal components to cast cant cast them)
6 – dodgey batch, you roll a 1D6 for any healing from this jar now and roll on this table with each use
7 – accelerated healing, the balm worked so well you gain 1D20 temporary HP
8 – healed wrong, your injury healed fine but some part of you was tilted wrong or something, loose 1D6 CON points (permanent)
9 – mutation, you healed so well that you gain an extra bit of something. Roll on a mutation table (there is heaps, so just pick someones and use that one)
10 – everything is fine
11 – toll upon the body, the use of the balm has taken toll upon your body, you now have grey hair or a very pale complexion or big dark circles around your eyes or you age heaps, just pick something
12 – roll twice on this table

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