Wednesday, 8 May 2013

War-forged/monstrosity robot thingy/whatever/whatever it is that Jason is playing

HD – 1D8 + con mod
THAC0/BAB – as fighter
AC – hardness of material which it is made from +/- dex mod (10/10 for resin, 12/8 for wood, 14-16/6-4 for metal, etc etc)
XP per level – 2500
Saves – as dwarf

Special abilities:
You’re the result of what happens when magic and machines get together to have a fucking massive party, they then proceeded to get white girl drunk and do every fucking drug, then they decided that even though they only hurt each other that sex is going to be a great idea. Then when you are aborted into the trash bin behind the local clinic, you somehow manage to grip onto life by its haunches and fuck it into submission, proving once and for all that you should live (even though you shouldn’t) as such you get:

Immunity to gas, fatigue, nausea, sleep, exhaustion, most common poisons
Can use any weapon, including rods/staves/wands/guns
Infavission 60 feet
You cannot be healed by normal healing spells (cure light wounds, lay on hands, channel energy, etc etc)
Can be healed by alchemists, mechanics/blacksmiths/shipwrights/whatever uses what you are made of in their profession
Never dies: you don’t ever die, you just keep on going until you hit your con score below zero (then you slip into deaths warm embrace), but any time you are below zero HP you are at that to all of your rolls (except saves) eg -4 HP means -4 to rolls. Also any time you are damaged and below -5 HP roll on the table below
Im in heaps of pain table 1D6
1 – everything is fine
2 – left arm doesn’t work
3 – right arm doesn’t work
4 – +/- 5 to AC (whatever makes you easier to hit)
5 – key component is hit, only get half an action until it is fixed
6 – something breaks loose, save vs death or shut down (treat as unconscious)

Arm swap: you can swap out your arm for some form of weapon, it can be magic wands or spears or cannons or whatever, just make it work and talk to your GM. You can only ever have two weapon systems at one time (one for each arm)
To do an arm swap you will need what you are swapping out and someone to swap it out for you, it can be done by anyone on a roll under INT, they just need to hold it in the right place while your whatever you are does the rest.

Armour mods – can get a armour mod by getting upgraded by whatever uses what you are made of in their profession, this works like getting a +1 armour

Alchemists/whatever works with what you are made of,  can make a special concoction that can work as cure wounds potions, from a combination of scrap whatever and magic and a bonding liquid (like linseed oil or car oil)

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