Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bastard fighter

So you’re a complete dirt bag, when you fight you do it as dirty as possible, you do this because it’s better to be alive and not very liked then dead and honourable.

I really need a better name then bastard fighter, but I cant seem to think of anything better. If you can think of something please let me know.

HD – 1D8
THAC0/BAB – as per fighter
AC – 10 +/- DEX mod
XP – 2000 standard

Add STR bonus to melee attacks to hit

+1 to hit and damage to anything that would be considered dirty (dirt in the eyes, kicking while down, etc etc)

When using a small one handed weapon or improvised weapon add a +2 to your initiative roll

Back stab – when attacking in a surprise round, in a flanking position, or from an unseen position times your damage by 2. Increase the damage multiplier by one every other (odd) level (eg, level 3 is times 3, level 5 is times 4)

Weapons master – any handheld weapon in your hands do the next step up in dice damage (up to D12). So a short sword 1D6 does 1D8 instead 

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