Saturday, 31 August 2013

Flailsnail Security Solutions

Flailsnail Security Solutions

What is it that makes a man a man?
Is it his origins,
the way things start?
Or is it something else,
something harder to describe?

So many years ago, whilst on operations overseas a team of special forces, made up of various different countries top operators, found something, something that shouldn’t be, something that they had only ever read about or heard stories about. Through dogged tenacity and zeal the group managed to crawl their way out of what it was that they found themselves in. they returned to work, but nothing was the same again, they began to start seeing things that shouldn’t be. They got back together and spent the next four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honour, but without glory, for they were waging this secret war in the shadows and without any government oversight or sanction. They would track down these great evils, follow them, study them, and then kill them. But it’s not murder if there is no body right? After the first few operations they realised that they would need to begin secretly recruiting people, people to help them, only the best would do, for mankind’s fate was in their hands.  After more years had passed, they made a private military company, this way they could keep working on their missions, they would have a steady influx of new people, and they could actually make some money on the side (you know, doing real jobs). Now this is where you come in, do you have what it takes, do you have the skills to survive against all odds, the will to live, the will to keep fighting, and the neve to face the unnameable?

Welcome to FSS…

So I am going to be running some games in the near future based in the near future, the games will be all FLAILSNAILS and they will be using classes that I am in the middle of writing up (I will have the first one on my blog tomorrow) if you are keen to play in something like this let me know on the G+ page (link

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