Friday, 13 September 2013

FSS Operative Class

You have decided that you want to work on the ground as an intelligence asset and then during your work you have seen something that has made you want to come over to FSS. Well good for you, we need people like you doing your job so that we can gather information on the human assets that these evil vile creatures use, or just these creatures themselves. Welcome to the team friend

Operative (I need a better name)

HD – D8
AC – 10 +/- dex
THAC0/BAB – as per cleric
Saves – half stat + level
XP – 2000 standard

You get 4 stating points and 2 points at the beginning of each new level, to allocate to the following skills, (like a lotfp specialist)

Investigation – 1 in 6
Tinkering – 1 in 6
Forging – 1 in 6
Languages – 1 in 6
Disguise – 1 in 6
Stealth – 1 in 6
Deception – 1 in 6
Search – 1 in 6
Knowledge – 1 in 6

Choose two weapons from the following list (it doesn’t matter what they are, they can be submachine guns, pistols, whatever)

5.45mm – 2D8
5.56mm – (NATO standard) – 2D8+1
5.7mm – 2D8+2
7.62mm (.30 cal) – 2D10
9mm – 1D10
9.5mm (.375 magnum) – 2D6
10mm – 1D8
11.43mm (45 acp) – 1D8+2
10 gauge – 5D4 (buck/bird)
12 gauge – 4D4 (buck/bird/solid)
20 gauge – 3D4 (can take special rounds)

Special rounds
Illumination, high explosive, flash/bang, CS gas, smoke, white phosphorous, heat seeking, multi charge, taser, smart explosive, fragmentation, baton, high explosive anti-tank
(ask GM about these)


  1. Yes I think I would like to bring 7.62 HE Anti-Tank rounds into a FLAILSNAIL game

  2. yeah, that would be cool though i think that some flailsnails gm's wont like it (you know being from a near-future game and then going into a fantasy game)

    but a 7.62mm HEAT round machine gun would be awesome