Saturday, 31 August 2013

Flailsnail Security Solutions

Flailsnail Security Solutions

What is it that makes a man a man?
Is it his origins,
the way things start?
Or is it something else,
something harder to describe?

So many years ago, whilst on operations overseas a team of special forces, made up of various different countries top operators, found something, something that shouldn’t be, something that they had only ever read about or heard stories about. Through dogged tenacity and zeal the group managed to crawl their way out of what it was that they found themselves in. they returned to work, but nothing was the same again, they began to start seeing things that shouldn’t be. They got back together and spent the next four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honour, but without glory, for they were waging this secret war in the shadows and without any government oversight or sanction. They would track down these great evils, follow them, study them, and then kill them. But it’s not murder if there is no body right? After the first few operations they realised that they would need to begin secretly recruiting people, people to help them, only the best would do, for mankind’s fate was in their hands.  After more years had passed, they made a private military company, this way they could keep working on their missions, they would have a steady influx of new people, and they could actually make some money on the side (you know, doing real jobs). Now this is where you come in, do you have what it takes, do you have the skills to survive against all odds, the will to live, the will to keep fighting, and the neve to face the unnameable?

Welcome to FSS…

So I am going to be running some games in the near future based in the near future, the games will be all FLAILSNAILS and they will be using classes that I am in the middle of writing up (I will have the first one on my blog tomorrow) if you are keen to play in something like this let me know on the G+ page (link

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bastard fighter

So you’re a complete dirt bag, when you fight you do it as dirty as possible, you do this because it’s better to be alive and not very liked then dead and honourable.

I really need a better name then bastard fighter, but I cant seem to think of anything better. If you can think of something please let me know.

HD – 1D8
THAC0/BAB – as per fighter
AC – 10 +/- DEX mod
XP – 2000 standard

Add STR bonus to melee attacks to hit

+1 to hit and damage to anything that would be considered dirty (dirt in the eyes, kicking while down, etc etc)

When using a small one handed weapon or improvised weapon add a +2 to your initiative roll

Back stab – when attacking in a surprise round, in a flanking position, or from an unseen position times your damage by 2. Increase the damage multiplier by one every other (odd) level (eg, level 3 is times 3, level 5 is times 4)

Weapons master – any handheld weapon in your hands do the next step up in dice damage (up to D12). So a short sword 1D6 does 1D8 instead 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Random Forest

So I am working through my hexenbracken stuff again and this time I am working on something that has a lot of promise even though I don’t think that it will end up seeing up play time because of its geographical location, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put it somewhere else or use it somewhere else I guess, cos umm FUCK THE RULES I HAVE MONEY

So anyway the area I have decided to work upon is 11 28 and it reads thusly

11 28
There is something special hidden deep in the forest here, but its protected by the forest itself. The forest paths will change, the trees will attack, the random animals will ambush and then lead the party astray, even the weather doesnt want it found. What it is? No one knows

I figure that this has a lot of potential for random tables or some sort of crazy forest stuff, I have actually decided to check out the surrounding hexes too so that I can maybe flavour it a bit more too, but anyway here goes.

Random forest:

Roll 1D100
01-25: potentially hostile encounter (roll on table 1)
26-45: the path changes (roll on table 2)
46-60: the weather changes (roll on table 3)
60-83: occurrence of note (roll on table 4)
84-95: no encounter
96-00: roll twice more on this table

Roll 1D100
01-30: potentially hostile encounter (roll on table 1)
31-50: the path changes (roll on table 2)
51-60: the weather changes (roll on table 3)
61-87: occurrence of note (roll on table 4)
88-00: no encounter

Roll 1D100
01-06: Bat swarm
07-13: Spider (roll 1D6: 1-2: giant spiders, 3-5: medium/large sized spiders, 6: demonic giant spiders)
14-19: Lost halflings (from sunnyhill 1127)
20-24: Monkey people (1227)
25-29: Wolf pack
30-36: Heard of deer
37-41: Snake (roll 1D10: 1-2: constrictor, 3-5: venomous, 6-7: giant snake, 8-9: viper, 10: snake people)
42-47: Tigers
48-52: Baboon people (1227)
53-58: Bears
59-62: Trents
63-68: Barbarian heroes (1027)
69-74: Goblins
75-78: Wild mage
79-82: Giant leech (roll 1D12: 1-2: giant bats, 3-4 large snakes, 5-6: giant leech, 7-8: leech swarm, 9-10: carrion crawlers, 11-12: large spiders)
83-86: Dire boars
87-88: Unicorn
89-92: Shambling mound
93-97 Golem (roll 1D8: 1-2: clay, 3-5: wood, 6-7: insect (treat as maggot), 8: stone)
98-99: Oracle
00: Old woodsman hut (roll 1D6: 1: terrifying presence, 2: madman, 3: portal to elsewhere, 4: normal hut, 5: old witches place, 6: amazingly restful place)

Roll 1D100
01-08: Thick trees
09-17: Quicksand
18-26: Wait-a-while
27-35: Gympie
36-43: Path loops upon itself
44-52: Leads to an open area
53-60: Lots of vines
61-65: Serene lake
66-73: Falling leaves
74-79: Trees begin to look like each other
80-85: Path disappears
86-90: Multiple paths appear and disappear
91-00: Forest fire

Roll 1D100
01-10: Heavy rain
11-20: Earthquake
21-30: Snow
31-40: Lightning
41-50: Sand storm
51-60: Extreme wind
61-70: Flash flood
71-80: Tornado
81-90: Fire rain
91-99: Acid rain
00: Volcanic eruption

Roll 1D100
01-06: Doppelganger
07-12: Woodsman hut
13-18: Dimensional portal
19-24: A doorway
25-30: Trees come to life
31-36: Time speeds up
37-42: Time slows down
43-48: Area shift
49-54: Ghosts are battling (players cant interact)
55-60: A storm is happening in a 10m x 10m area (roll on table 3)
61-66: Dragon
67-72: Powerful wizard
73-78: Hydra
79-84: Inter-dimensional planer shift
85-92: Random person of note
93-00: Oracle