Friday, 24 January 2014


So I have been thinking about how chases work and how there seems to be a few good rules and some bad rules for them, the way that I have been making it work is through a series of different rolls. What I have been doing is getting my players who are in the chase to roll 1D4-1 when they are trying to get away to determine how well that they have escaped (with bonuses or penalty’s added to the roll depending upon what they have done to achieve the escape and how they described it), then they roll 1D6 + DEX bonus VS their opponents 1D6 + DEX bonus, then a roll on the appropriate table for where they are (rooftop, sewers, whatever) and both parties have to overcome the obstacle presented by the table in order to get an action (which is where you get to try and stop the person you are chasing/being chased by), if the attempt to overcome the obstacle is failed then they do get an action as they are spending their action to get over it. The actions are worked out in highest to lowest based upon the initial 1D6 + DEX bonus, and if they score more than two points higher than they are moved up one space in the chase (closer or further depending upon what they are doing), and an extra space for every other two points higher (so on a roll of a 1 vs a 5, the 5 is moved two spaces closer/further). If the lead becomes greater than 10 then you/they get away, if it is equal (or zero) then you/them have been caught, fell free to lower the number or raise the number or whatever (maybe at a lead of 5 the chase is over). If the chase has been going on for more than 5 rounds (or turns, I keep forgetting which the short one is) or so, I get my players to start making endurance saves of some kinds (I use paralyse or poison depending upon how I feel) if the save is failed then I increase or decrease the lead accordingly. I will put just the pertinent information in bold below so that you do have to read though my random mumblings again and also in the bold I will try and have it make more sense.

1 Roll 1D4 to determine initial lead
2 Roll 1D6 + DEX bonus, move 1 step closer/further if you beat their score by two (1 extra step for every extra two points over). If lead is over 10 then you/they escape, if lead is 0 then you/they are caught.
3 Roll on appropriate table, and complete what it says
4 If passed, you have an action to attack (you are already running)
5 If failed, you don’t get to attack
6 make an endurance check if the chase has been going for longer than 6 rounds, if only one passes increase/decrease the lead accordingly
7 Repeat steps 2-6 until chase is over

click on link below to go to appropreate table (i will be updating them as i finish them)

rooftop chases
sewer chases

i will be doing some more on this later, i plan on finishing off all type of places for this, that way i am good for it when my party gets there and also if you want to use them.

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