Thursday, 2 January 2014

Counter spelling and magical interference part 2

So the last post I did was on counter spelling (and the ramblings of how a post about it came to mind) so here is the second part of the post which as you can probably tell is about magical interference.

As I said in my last post (here) I had an idea of how this would work and had a chat to some people on the g+ about it. And what I managed to come up with was all ideas that I had and some that some other people had that I am sort of stealing and reusing for myself (exampleanother one, and another) oh and a sweet sweet chat that I had with logan link and also here

So what I came up with was the following

Portable magical interference device (needs a better name)
A small box (about the size of a can of soft drink) which when opened creates an area of magical interference by sending out a variety of different magic blocking ultrasonic waves (this wave pattern was discovered by some dwarves when they were mining and found a special rock (more on this later… probably)) that is being made by a number of small hammers hitting a rock with special properties. Whenever magic is cast within 30ft of this stone it is nullified (all magic, including divine) and if any spell is cast outside of this range that comes within the range suffers from weird consequences roll on the “magic box” table below. Once this box is opened the rock begins to decay (because of the tiny hammers hitting it) and as such if the box is closed and reopened it no longer works. This lasts for 1D12 x5 minuets

Magic box table
Roll 1D10
1 nothing happens, spell works as normal
2-4 spell is slightly disrupted, it only has 50% strength
5-9 spell is completely disrupted
10 spell is changed (roll on wand of wonder)

Magical void (monster/class) (not 100% on the name, but I think it will do)
This creature (if you can call it that) has been warped by nullifying and countering magics, both by having the spells cast upon them and by being scared by various runes and other magic symbols. Over time this has caused them to become twisted and many have gone insane, but the use of them guarding kings and queens is considered higher than their lives.

HD – 1D6
BAB/THAC0 – as magic user
XP – 2000 standard

Can only ever use leather or silk armour

Special abilities
Spell countering – can completely counter any spell that is cast at the same level as if they were a magic user (1 level 1 spell for level 1, 2 level 1 spells for level 2, 1 level 2 spell and 2 level 1 spells for level 3, etc etc), and can also attempt to counter spells as if they didn’t have them as per here doing this uses your turn and cant be done retroactively

Spell void – once per day you can act as a magical void, all magic stops working and cant be cast within level x10 feet (includes weapons and armours) this lasts for 1D8 +level minutes. The ability goes to twice a day at level 5 and three times a day at level 10

Memory erasure – when a magical void is killed this causes a great disruption within the nearby fabric of magical reality. A great wave is sent forth from its body to “level” x10 feet and causes any magic user in the area to be unable to cast spells for “level” days. Once this is over the magic users affected this way must make a save vs magic +level (theirs) for all of their spells known that are equal to or below the level of the dead magical void

Let me know what you think

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