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Opening Adventure for an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game

So I have ran this adventure path or whatever you want to call it, something like three or four times now and each time I have had a different outcome (well mostly) and a mate has asked if I could help her with setting up her first adventure to run for a group of mates (they are playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten) it will also be her fist time DMing (wipes tear) hopefully I might be able to get in on the game or at least come along and watch. But whatever. Anyway here is the adventure.

You are a group of people who have been working for Umbrella (or an organization that is similar) so it is recommended that you are all at a minimum using the Survivor option when making characters as Norms won’t be skilled enough to get through this (im not saying that they won’t be able to do it, and feel free do make your characters Norms that’s fine) also I am not using any of the Inspired stuff here as I feel that it detracts from some of the “realism” that I wanted included in the game.

Set up:

Mission Briefing:
You have been tasked with infiltrating the hospital at Raccoon City to help with the containment of a biological incident; you are also there to extract two high value targets whom are important to the company. The hospital has been in a state of lock down for about three to five hours now and there is a police presence outside of the place maintaining the lock down and quarantine procedures. The Centre for Disease Control will be on site within two hours, you are to get in and out before they arrive. If you are compromised by the CDC at any point the mission will still proceed as normal, but you are required to inform HQ immediately.


The two people you are extracting are John Smith and Jane Doe, John is a Medical Administrator and will be found in the admissions wing, Jane is a surgeon and it is suspected that she is currently in surgery. These people are extremely important and must be extracted without delay and uninjured. The extraction for these members will be via helicopter, you are to call it in once you have secured both the members and the landing zone.

Arrival on scene:
Depending upon how many people you have within the group is how many vehicles you have, four people can fit into one vehicle (run off of this for the amount you need).

The front of the hospital will have a police blockade and they won’t be letting anyone though, they also don’t care if you are from umbrella, the only people they will let through are the members of the CDC. The back of the hospital is much the same with the police presence and their feeling towards people coming though. They won’t break quarantine.

Inside the Hospital:
The virus is airborne, anybody who isn’t wearing a gas mask is automatically infected with the virus and don’t get a save. The incubation period of the virus is around 3-5 hours, then people will start showing symptoms. The gas masks that Umbrella have given out are rated to keep the toxin out for five hours, then they will stop working.

Upon breaching the hospital (regardless of how they enter) the virus escapes and begins to infect any living creature that is within a 150KM radius of the hospital, then the virus will have spread too thinly and infection is only available through saliva/blood/mucus, biting and scratching/clawing tend to be the most common way the infection is spread (congratulations you have successfully unleashed the zombie virus upon the world). The people inside of the hospital have all been infected by this virus and are beginning to show signs of turning.

The first people to turn are in the following areas: (feel free to change this, or to make it as cinematic as you would like)
Surgery – anyone currently being worked on
Radiation – anyone currently in an MRI machine
Morgue – anyone that isn’t alive
Emergency – staff out the back, followed by anyone bitten.

If someone is bitten:
Is someone is bitten within the hospital that has already got the virus within their system (so anyone that isn’t the team), will automatically turn into a zombie. There is no wait time needed for this to occur as the virus has been running through their system and this bite/scratch is enough to send them over the edge and to become a member of the walking dead. If anyone else is bitten they must make a CONSTITUTION save (taking into account any special abilities that they may have) and beat 10. If they fail then they have CONSTITUTION hours until they turn, if they pass they have CONSTITUTION days until they turn, or you just have them turn when it feels right.

Use the basic zombie stats provided in the book.
If more than two zombies are attacking the same character times the damage by the amount of zombies (eg 4 are attacking a character the damage is times by 4).
Roll for random hit location each time they attack.
A INTELLIGENCE test of 11 will let people know that the head is the weak point (get to test each time one is killed, but if hit in more than one place before the death, due to a burst or something, then it will become a method of elimination) otherwise they don’t know.
An attack to hit the head is made at -4

John Smith and Jane Doe:
These two will do anything that they have to do to finish whatever job they are currently on (especially Jane if she is doing surgery), John is probably only dealing with people in emergency so he won’t mind leaving too much. John has some files that he needs to take with him that are stored on the computer, and will either get them himself or ask the team to do it for him. The files will take 2D8 minuets to transfer to whatever external dive gets used.

Amount of people on site:
Any of the random areas that the team decides to look will have 1D4 or 1D6 worth of people
Surgery – there is currently 3-5 doctors and nurses working on a patient, and 1D3 more small teams like this
Radiation – 1D3+1 people in here, a doctor/nurse and someone getting scanned or waiting
Morgue – 2D4 bodys, and 1D3+1 staff
Emergency – 30-50 patients, 2D6 staff

Use the stats from the book for police, there is 1D4+1 cars at each entrance, each car has 2 members. They have body armour (2 sets, 1D8+5 damage reduction) and an assault rifle in the car, but are only holding their pistols or the shotgun from the car (1 per car).
If fired upon the police will take cover behind either their cars or the nearest wall and then return fire, if the firefight lasts more than 3 rounds one of the police members from each car will attempt to grab the assault rifle and the body armour. If fired upon with assault rifles, machine guns, or grenades the police will attempt to grab the assault rifle and armour. Back up is called for immediately and will arrive within 2D12+5 rounds. This will be a SWAT team and more police cars.

Helicopter Landing Pad:
Once the helicopter is called for it will arrive in 2D6+2 rounds. If any of the team members that are on more than 15 life attempt to get on, they will be stopped, if they keep pushing the helicopter crew will fire upon them. Once both John and Jane are on board the helicopter will take off and return to base.

End phase:
Well the team is now left out in the middle of the zombie apocalypse that they have sort of caused (good work jerks) and depending upon what has occurred might get another mission from Umbrella. But most likely SWAT is on their way and the team is in a bit of trouble.


Death Frost Doom play report

So I ran Death Frost Doom for my home game, what follows is the two posts that I placed onto my G+ page after we had finished for the season. I hope you enjoy reading it, as I enjoyed running it

So there may be spoilers ahead

the dwarf, cleric, and holy warrior were heading down the ladder from in the main room to the beginning of the dungeon. While they were doing that the mage, specialist, werewolf, and fighter were looking through the cabin. The mage found a bed room with someones stuff in and took everything, the fighter found another bed room with not much in and still took it all (including a bag of purple powder), the specialist found a sitting room with a thousands of years old painting in it, it showed the entire group standing around an alter and the fighter was drinking from a golden goblet while being shined upon with a holy light. They then caught up with the dwarf, holy warrior, and cleric who had walked down a hallway which had a heap of faces carved into it. The group continued on searching though the place and found a largeish chappel, it has many a pew made of marble and there were paintings all around the room which depicted various morbid scenes. They decided to grab some of the black stagnate water from inside one of the basins and then upon having another look found that there was heaps of teeth within them. Figuring this ment nothing they went though the door they could push open and proceeded to explore the area a bit. After not really finding much (the specialist got a ring that turned him invisible and a special monocle that let him read the language of the Duvan'Ku, and the mage ended up with a scroll of protection vs lycanthropes) they went back to the chappel to figure out how to open the other door. The dwarf grabbed a jeweled dagger from off of the alter and a ruby necklace, which the werewolf played the organ made of human and giant bones. The organ spat some yellowish looking spores into the air and the werewolf got a deep breath of them (taking 4 damage) then the cleric figured out that some places needed a sacrifice to get deeper into them and that this might be such a place. The mages familiar had said that it had found a dead bodt and she went off to grab some teeth out of it. They headed thorough and found a bunch of crypts with heaps of bodys inside of them (thousands of them) and began to raid them (getting gold and jewels, which they were heaps stoked about as they hadn't seen much gold or jewels) they continued to seach through this area and then came to an entrance way that was blocked by some sort of coral plant thing which attacked the werewolf as she got close to it with her torch. The specialist slipped on his ring and negotiated his way though the plant into the alter room (the same one that was on the painting that he took earlier) and had a look around the place. They all saw that there was some writing on the alter and when asked what it sais the specialist replied "just have fun", the mage was suspect of this and she cast ESP and then read the specialists thoughts and spoke aloud what was actually written there. It turns out that they were actually words of a special spell and when said, the cleric felt the sudden urge to sacrifice someone at the alter, the dwarf was very happy to be this sacrifice. The werewolf and mage decided that now would be a good time to leave as they didn't want to accidentally sacrifice someone in the party. The fighter stayed though to make sure that everything was ok while the holy warrior yelled "no brother, I shant let you make a false sacrifice. For only the Ori deserve our worship" and smashed his way through the plant. He (the holy warrior) proceeded to tackel the cleric and choak him out, while the dwarf was bearing his neck upon the alter ready and happy to be sacrificed. They managed to snap out of their temporary madness and the holy warrior woke the cleric up saying "dude, you only make sacrifices to the Ori. Come on man". They then threw some alchemist fire onto the plant blocking their way and watched it burn. The dwarf then found a secret door and they (the dwarf, cleric, fighter, and holy warrior) went through it and found a door that had been barred from the outside and something was inside it banging upon the door trying to get out. They opened it up and were confronted with a ghoul, and after defeating it checked out his room. Meanwhile the werewolf and mage were hanging out in thw chapel waiting for the rest of the group to return, when they heard a extremely loud crash and murmuring coming from the hallway to the crypts.

We then had to wrap up and stop there as it had gotten late, next week they will finish off death frost doom and then find out about the stuff that they have and have caused to happen

Where we left of the brave adventurers had split the party while they were in the catacombs of death frost doom. A majority of the group (cleric, holy warrior, specialist, dwarf, and fighter) were still deep within the dungeon behind the secret door near the alter. They had just finished disposing of their first "alive" undead creature (it was a ghoul) and explored it room finding a small locked wooden box inside of the coffin. They went further into the labyrinth and found some more doors barred from the outside, behind most of these doors they heard banging and scraping. They decided to push on and not worry too much about the doors as most of them were hurting (low health due to various things), and they found a door that wasnt barred. Figuring that this would be "mostly safe" they opened it to be confronted with a room full of gas (which I nailed the description of by saying it was "a solid gas"). Not afraid the holy warrior went into the room and the door slammed closed behind him. The group reopened the door and saw the holy warrior taking to someone (nice clothes, great hair, and pale) the holy warrior turned to his compatriots and stated "we totally have to help this guy". The rest of them reacted with both suspension and slight concern, but the cleric also came around to the thought of helping this inderviual (a charm person spell will do that though), the rest of the group (fighter, dwarf, and specialist) thought this idea was silly and wanted none of it. The new comer who called himself Maximus (was given the moniker C-Max by the group) said that they must make haste out of the dungeon, but he needed to do something first. He went to one of the barred doors, opened it, revealing another ghoul, told the ghoul to "stop, and follow me", the ghoul did just this. He went into the room and upto an alter where upon he swore that anyone who helped him he would not hurt. The holy warrior and cleric also swore at this alter that they would help Maximus (I gave them another chance to save at this point (which they failed) as they had their own "gods" and they were swearing upon an alter to some sort of ruinous gods). Maximus said that he would need the box of dirt within the room he was in, and then they were "out of time and had to leave before what was now awoken came to kill them". So the group left the catacombs with haste and returned to the surface.

Meanwhile the other part of the party (mage and werewolf) were chilling out within the chappel that was still in the dungeon. After waiting around for the other for about 20-30 mins (where in the loud banging and crashing began) they decided that they were probably best off going to the surface and waiting for the others there, as the surface provided a much better place to be able to escape any danger coming for them. While up on the surface the mage sent out her familiar to scout around and let her know if it saw anything, which it did, it saw lots of shambling people coming from down the hill a bit. The girls weren't too worried though as they could escape away from them, just by moving in the same direction the hord was moving. After about 10-15 mins on the surface the mages familiar informed her that two members of her party were coming out of the hut with a unknown person, and they were heading down the hill and not towards them, then the rest of the group minus the specialist came out of the hut. The mage directed her familiar to fly down and bring the rest of the group to her. They did that and the party was reunited (apart from the cleric and holy warrior). They began to head towards the city nearby as the rest of the group heard Maximus talking about needing to head towards the nearest town (the group only knew about the city being near by).

The holy warrior and cleric with C-Max and ghoul in toe began to walk towards Kolsvik (northern kingdom that had been inundated with ice, snow, and winter for many years and is ruled over by a "crazy bitch queen") but the path they took brought them nearby a small town. Upon sighting the town 5 undead pegasus with reapers upon their back flew down from the sky and landed in front of the group. One of the reapers raised its hand and pointed at the box if dirt that the holy warrior was carrying, Maximus fell to one knee, the holy warrior handed the box over which then grew in size and shape to that of a coffin. One of the reapers hopped off its pegasus and began to rope the coffin up so that they could carry it. Maximus then climbed upon the pegasus and said "I release you from your oath", upon this being said the two holy men snapped out of their state and realized something was not quite right. Then the ghoul attacked them.

The rest of the group began a long journey down the hill, away from the undead hord coming down after them and towards Kolsvik but also following the others at a distance (a link was maintained via the mages familiar), but as they weren't being provided strength by something or someone the group had to rest. They decided to climb a couple of trees and sleep up there for the night. Some undead had followed them and were waiting for them underneath the trees when they awoke. The specialist had a potion of enlarge and drank it, then he began to carve a large area through the zombies by knocking them aside so that the group could escape. They began to run and managed to outpace the zombies chasing them. Then they came into sight of a town.

The ghoul attacked the holy warrior and cleric who managed to deal a fair amount of damage to it, but just as it was struck down it clawed at the holy warrior opening up his throat, he began to bleed out and the cleric prayed for the Ori to save him. But only received a wave of indifference in return. The cleric then went to the town to find somewhere to sleep, the local sheriff was suspicious of him though and "locked" him up (put him in a cell with the door closed) and the cleric passed out on the rack.

The rest of the group arrived in the town just as the sun was setting, and just before they entered they saw the dead body of their holy warrior friend without any of his gear (the cleric rifled though his body after praying for forgiveness from the Ori). The group went into the town where they saw the sheriff, they asked for somewhere to burry their late friend and if anyone had seen their cleric mate. After being told whats what by the sherrif they went to an inn for the night.

The next day the group was up and finally back together and they headed towards the city. They arrived as night was beginning to fall and found an inn to stay at.

We then wrapped up, with the group in Kolsvik, and an undead horde moving around the country side.

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FSS Hacker Class

So you have decided that you want to work as an intelligence analyst, if that is as a support person on the ground with the shooters to help them get into secure area or if that is as someone who stays in the teams van and provides overwatch via drone feeds and satellite uplinks. Your job is very important, for without you the teams wouldn’t be able to do their job unmolested. Good work, welcome to the family.

Hacker (I need a better name)

HD – D6
AC – 10 +/- dex 
THAC0/BAB – as per magic user
Saves – half stat + level
XP – 2000 standard

Choose one from the following list to have as a primary skill and then one to have as secondary skill.
Primary have a +2 to all checks involving it.
Secondary have a +1 to all checks involving it.

Control pads
Security systems
Encryption/decryption (counts as one choice)

At every level you can add a +1 to any of the list (doesn’t have to be your primary or secondary skill), the maximum bonus you can get from this ever is your level +1 (eg at level 2 if you put your new +1 into your primary it becomes +3).

Choose two items from the following list:
Ruggedized laptop
Mini drone
Tactical satellite
Remote uplink provider
Small weapons platform (can be placed upon small drones or vehicles)
Wrist/arm mounted mini computer
Optical uplink device
<I will put more on this list at a later date, as this is all I can think of at the moment>

Choose two weapons from the following list (it doesn’t matter what they are, they can be pistols, rifles, whatever)

5.45mm – 2D8
5.56mm – (NATO standard) – 2D8+1
5.7mm – 2D8+2
7.62mm (.30 cal) – 2D10
9mm – 1D10
9.5mm (.375 magnum) – 2D6
10mm – 1D8
11.43mm (45 acp) – 1D8+2
10 gauge – 5D4 (buck/bird)
12 gauge – 4D4 (buck/bird/solid)
20 gauge – 3D4 (can take special rounds)

Special rounds
Illumination, high explosive, flash/bang, CS gas, smoke, white phosphorous, heat seeking, multi charge, taser, smart explosive, fragmentation, baton, high explosive anti-tank
(ask GM about these)