Wednesday, 5 March 2014

FSS Hacker Class

So you have decided that you want to work as an intelligence analyst, if that is as a support person on the ground with the shooters to help them get into secure area or if that is as someone who stays in the teams van and provides overwatch via drone feeds and satellite uplinks. Your job is very important, for without you the teams wouldn’t be able to do their job unmolested. Good work, welcome to the family.

Hacker (I need a better name)

HD – D6
AC – 10 +/- dex 
THAC0/BAB – as per magic user
Saves – half stat + level
XP – 2000 standard

Choose one from the following list to have as a primary skill and then one to have as secondary skill.
Primary have a +2 to all checks involving it.
Secondary have a +1 to all checks involving it.

Control pads
Security systems
Encryption/decryption (counts as one choice)

At every level you can add a +1 to any of the list (doesn’t have to be your primary or secondary skill), the maximum bonus you can get from this ever is your level +1 (eg at level 2 if you put your new +1 into your primary it becomes +3).

Choose two items from the following list:
Ruggedized laptop
Mini drone
Tactical satellite
Remote uplink provider
Small weapons platform (can be placed upon small drones or vehicles)
Wrist/arm mounted mini computer
Optical uplink device
<I will put more on this list at a later date, as this is all I can think of at the moment>

Choose two weapons from the following list (it doesn’t matter what they are, they can be pistols, rifles, whatever)

5.45mm – 2D8
5.56mm – (NATO standard) – 2D8+1
5.7mm – 2D8+2
7.62mm (.30 cal) – 2D10
9mm – 1D10
9.5mm (.375 magnum) – 2D6
10mm – 1D8
11.43mm (45 acp) – 1D8+2
10 gauge – 5D4 (buck/bird)
12 gauge – 4D4 (buck/bird/solid)
20 gauge – 3D4 (can take special rounds)

Special rounds
Illumination, high explosive, flash/bang, CS gas, smoke, white phosphorous, heat seeking, multi charge, taser, smart explosive, fragmentation, baton, high explosive anti-tank
(ask GM about these)

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