Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Currying favour with your gods, it's not just for clerics.

one of the lads from my home game asked what would happen if he tried to curry favour with his god/gods, i said that i would think about it and than came to the conclussion that if anyone could help me it was G+, so now this happened.

The awesome people of G+ helped me with this table you can check them out over here at their blogs

What does your "sacrifice" merit you? Roll 1D30 on the following table

1 nothing, sucks to be you.
2 you gain a reroll that you can use once during the rest of the game.
3 +1 to all saves made "today" 
4 roll on the deity disapproval table from DCC and reroll on this table
5 Roll to disbelieve your deity.
6 Gain ability to turn undead and other creatures opposed to your god for 1d4 days. Clerics get +1 to their turn ability instead.
7 Gain ability to heal yourself. Works like Lay on Hands and can be used 2d4 times. Clerics get +2 to any healing abilities they use on themselves.
8 You are blessed with assuming your deity's likeness for 1d6 days. This is usually terrifying to behold, and gives you a turn like ability against all enemies of your faith (triggers automatically), as well as a whopping +6 bonus to reaction rolls from friends of the faith. Not acting in your deities' dearest interests will get you smote or worse though.
9 gain a illusion cleric follower for 1D6 days, it has 1D3 uses of following spells:
Turn undead
Cure light wounds
They are cast at a level equaling the illusions remaining days.
When the illusion is hit and delt more then it's remaining days in damage it disappears never to return. Until then it is treated as a normal follower/hireling that doesn't cost any money
10 you go into a berzerker like rage the first time you kill someone after you gain this ability.
Add +2 to your strength and +2 to your to hit and damage rolls.
Make a save vs magical device once you have finished the combat, if failed attack the person nearest to you. You can make another save after you make each attack roll
11 Hand of God, duration 1 day. Your bare fists do 1d10 damage, all unarmed attacks are +1. The damage is holy and can harm creatures unaffected by normal damage. When attacking undead or creatures opposed to your god, attack and damage are +2. Your hands radiate a glow appropriate to your god.
12 You are taken to the hallowed halls of your deity upon death. No resurrection possible but your soul is safe. People may take a quest to find your deity's plane of existence to visit you and maybe get you to return to your prime material existence.
13 Gossiper of the Gods. Celestials and Godlings of all kinds run into you, find you oddly trusting, and share unshareable secrets with you. Talking about those will get you on trouble quick but there must be some reason you got this blessing, no?
You get no special powers to deal with the consequences of this, so be careful around godlings of madness and chaos.
14 you gain the ability to cast turn evil for a day. Works like turn undead, but on all evil creatures
15 you gain the ability to cast turn good for a day. Works like turn undead, but on all good creatures
16 you gain the ability to attract evil for a day. Works like turn undead, but you attract all evil creatures in you level times by 10 miles
17 you gain the ability to call for help. This works like the summon spell in lotfp, but with the following restrictions.
The maximum HD is your level
You automatically pass the control roll
18 Save as cleric of your level for a day, where clerics saves are better than yours. If a cleric, save as if 4 levels higher (the gods favor their own).
19 Speaking in tongues. Like the Speak Languages spell, but your head is crowned by a cold flame. Lasts until next sundawn. Nature deities may convey this in the form of Speak with Animals.
20 some sort of "almost bad/good luck" begins to follow you around. As you walk down alleyways you are narrowly missed by people emptying their pivvys or falling pot plants, bird poo lands next to you not on you. These types of things last for 1D6 + level hours
21 the next fumble an enemy makes against you will have maximum negative effect for them
22 gain the use of Bless, you have this until you use it
23 By luck and the Gods' will, that thing you forgot to buy or bring from home? You remembered.
24 A bank error in your favor that will not be tracked down for some weeks
25 The thing you fucked up last session was all a big misunderstanding.
26 roll on the minor corruption table from DCC
27 roll on the major corruption table from DCC then reroll twice on this table
28 invisible to all “good” aligned people for the rest of the day
29 invisible to all “evil” aligned people for the rest of the day
30 reroll twice on this table, reroll this result if you roll it again

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