Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Druid Class

Druid for LotFP or what I am using for my home game.

One of my players asked to be a druid in my home game and while this doesn’t bother me, it sucks a little at the same time as I have to create a way for it to work (outside of a “earth cleric”) so what I have done is a slight re-skinning of the cleric and added in a few tweaks that I feel make a druid a druid. I have a many random thing included in my house rules for different classes (like cleave for a fighter), so the abilities that the druid gains both won’t (hopefully) break the game or change the rules too much.

Anyway here it is.

Refer to the CLERIC class for everything unless noted below.

Gain the use of the AD&D spell list for DRUIDS
Can’t use any undead related spell
Change protection from evil to protection from animals (this is inclusive for all levels)
Can’t use any metal items (apart from one single knife), but can still carry and use metal in spells and rituals. If any damage or protection can be caused or afforded through creative use of this metal reduce it by half.

Level 1:  Gain an animal companion.
This is a spell like ability that is granted to 1st level druids and works similar to the “summon familiar” spell from AD&D, with the following changes:
The random dice roll for the familiar is still in place, but change it to an animal table appropriate to the area.
Must make a handle animal roll after it arrives (bushcraft), if this roll is failed the animal attacks, the roll can be attempted again but at -1 to the skill (lowest it can go is 1), if failed the second the time animal attacks again and then leaves the area.
If the attempt is unsuccessful the druid must wait 1 week (in game) before attempting to cast again.

Animal companion abilities:
The animal companion starts with its base HD at 2, and gains an extra HD (now 1D8, unless greater) every 2 levels the druid gains.
The animal companion can understand all languages that its master speaks.
The animal companion can communicate to its master through a telepathic like link.
The animal companion is completely loyal to its master, and will follow any command given to it, unless it would be killed in the process.
An animal companion can have some barding or something similar made for it

Death of an animal companion:
If an animal companion is killed the druid must make a Save VS Magic, passing this save means that you can’t cast any spell for the next 1D6 days, failing this save means that you can’t cast spells for the next 1D6+level days and you take HD D6 damage (HD is equal to the number of hit dice the animal companion before it was killed). If the animal companion is revived from the dead the link restores automatically and any new animal companion turns on its master and attack immediately, but the animal companion is no longer “whole” and begins to show weird traits (roll on a mutation table) and begins to act weirdly towards the druid and the party.

Death of a master:
If an animal companions master dies, the masters spell casting ability transfers into the animal companion, this lasts for the druids level in days or until the next full moon. This new power that the animal companion gains from this corrupts it (roll on the mutation table) and has weird side effects (roll on wild magic table for every spell). The spells for the animal companion are determined randomly by rolling upon the known spells as though they were a table.

Level 3: shape change
Choose a small-medium animal that you have seen and transform into it. This works like the polymorph spell but with the following changes:
Make a Save VS Magic, if failed take 1D6 per size class (1 for small, 2 for medium, 3 for large, 4 for huge) + level damage. The spell still works as normal.
This ability can be used equal to half level (rounding up) times per day.
Level 7: can now also shape change into a large animal.
Level 12: can now also shape change into a huge animal.


So anyway, that’s about it. If you have any thoughts upon this let me know.

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