Wednesday, 2 April 2014

FATE style racing game.

High aspect is the type of car that you have, (fast, tough, a bit of both, whatever)

Ten points worth of skills (works just like the ladder), can go up to minus 3 points worth of stuff also (any negative points taken don’t count toward the initial ten points)

Driving – used to do basic things with your car, like turning corners or using the accelerator
Defensive driving – used to dodge incoming projectiles and other things
Armour – used to find out how well armoured your car is (also anything above 2 points adds an extra minor complication)
Speed – used to find out the base speed of your car and initiative
Ranged attack – used when using basic ranged weapons
Special attack – used when using special weapons (including homing projectiles or drop attacks)
Turbo – used to find out how good your turbo booster is, or if you even have one
Jury rig (or repair) – used to fix the car while still driving
Drifting – used to take corners without losing speed or track position
Notice – used to find out if you see various obstacles or short cuts
Offensive driving – used when using your car to hurt other cars (like ramming them)
Off road driving – used for when not on the beaten track (anything that isn’t a road)

Sort out what the track is going to be like and if it has any sort of special things occurring upon it, like extremely tight corners or short cuts or jumps.

Figure out where you want weapons, special weapons, and armour to be located upon the track.

Initiative works like this, highest speed rating to lowest speed rating for movement, then lowest speed rating to highest speed rating for attacking <might swap this, so slower cars move first and fast cars attack first, but as it’s a race I might leave it as it>

First to cross the finish line is the winner

Create two Stunts for your car  

3 FATE/plot points per car

this is just a bit of an unformed idea at the moment, but when i get more of it going i will post it up.
 i am thinking of doing this probably like a board game with tiles that represent the track (dont know if i will set it up before hand or if it can just sort of happen as the cars go around it)

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