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Changing risen from the sands part 1

So for free rpg day I was pretty lucky and the store I got to go to was only about an hours drive away, as apposed to the two hours flight away like it has been for the last few years. Also I was lucky because there wasn’t many people there and even though I turned up late I got to get many of a good thing. One of the things I got was the pathfinder free rpg game “risen from the sands” by paizo publishing (, you might recognize them from their game pathfinder (which personally I like) which is a D&D 3.X clone (sort of I guess).

Anyway, I played though the game with a few of the people from the G+ the other night, it was a flailsnails game and after the game it was brought up that the thing was a just stacked full of magic items (they all ended up with a +1 sword) and how what most of us were used to playing didn’t have as many. So I decided to change the module a little, which then sort of became a rewrite of the module.

So most of the changes I have made so far have made it a little bit more deadly and also have gotten rid of the “so you all know each other and begin at the pyramids door” beginning (which I can dig, but this will be getting used in my home game, so I kinda cant have that).

Here is the beginning of the “rewrite” of the module that I have done. this is also being doing with the stats and stuff from LotFP because that is what i use for my home game

Recently a large pyramid has been uncovered by the winds and a map resurfaced in the hands of some adventurers. They went to explore the pyramid after some unfortunate unforseen complications they decided to leave the tomb mostly unexplored and to sell the map off at a town that is near by (about 5 days walk). They found a honest and reputable trader within Dahab who said that he would be happy to work as a middle man for them, and to get word out to other adventurers through his trading net work. Amsi said that the map would be up for auction three days after the next full moon.

Dahab – a smallish town located near a small river that is used as a stopping point for many travellers on their way to Zafar.

Amsi – honest trader and gentleman.
Stats: level 3 specialist, languages 2 in 6, sneak attack 2, stealth 2 in 6, tinker 2 in 6, slight of hand 5 in 6. leather armour (AC 14), kriss blade (1D6), 4x throwing knifes (1D4), 2D12 (7) SP, 3D6 (11) CP, MAB +2, RAB +3, HP 14

He is accompanied by three obvious bodyguards and two covert bodyguards at all times.
3 obvious stats:
Level 3 fighter, studded leather armour (AC 15), kopesh (1D8), shield (+1/2 AC), potion of cure light wounds (1D6+3), 2D6 (5) SP, 3D8 (15) CP, MAB +5, RAB +4, HP: 17, 18, 22

Covert stats:
Level 3 specialist, sneak attack 3, stealth 5 in 6. slight of hand 3 in 6. leather armour (AC14), short sword (1D6), 4x throwing knifes (1D4), garrotte (1D6), potion of alchemist fire (2D6), potion of cure light wounds (1D6+3), 3D12 (18) SP, 4D6 (16) CP, HP 11

Level 3 magic user, leather armour (AC 14), staff (1D8), scroll of hold person, scroll of silence, scroll of attack ally, 2x scroll of armour, potion of cure light wounds (1D6+3), 2D4 (4) SP, 2D8 (8) CP, HP 9. spells: sleep, enlarge, web

The Auction
There will be 2D8 other people/groups at the auction that are interested in also winning the map. Each of these people/groups will have 1D1000 SP for individuals and 1D3 D1000 SP for groups. The people/groups will go up to the number rolled of their silver (it actually represents how much they are willing to spend) The bidding starts at 50 SP and has no upper limit.
If the roll to find out how many other people/groups arrive for the auction is higher than 7 then extra protection will be hired to ensure that nothing bad happens, the extra protection will be 6 more 3rd level fighters (with a 25% chance that 1-2 will be magic users, just use the above stats).

The auction house
This is actually a grand pavilion tent and has been set up in the outskirts or the town, this has been done to ensure the safety of both Dahab and the people attending the auction.

Something will happen on the way to the auction house even if the PC’s decide to not do anything, roll on the table below

What happens on the way to the auction house: 1D12
1-6 nothing, Amsi and his bodyguards arrive on time and unmolested
7-8 ambush, Amsi and his bodyguards are ambushed
9-10 pickpocket, Amsi is pickpocketed of the map
11 bribed guards, turns out that the bodyguards aren’t as loyal as Amsi thought they were they killed or severely injured him
12 route change, the route taken by Amsi and his men was changed at the last second and it take some extra time to arrive at the auction house (1D2 x10 minuets)

If any of the above occur and Amsi and the bodyguards arrive get away, they arrive at the auction house late. This makes many of the patrons (about 25-49% of them) which will change some of their betting strategy to a more aggressive one, upping the bid early and by lots)

If the auction goes ahead and the PC’s are victorious at the auction and actually win the map than something can happen, roll on the table below

The PC’s won the auction: 1D12
1 nothing, turns out that not many people are actually that sad by being beaten
2-4 ambush, the PC’s are ambushed after they leave the auction
5 tail and ransack, the PC’s are tailed and once they go to sleep their gear is raided in an attempt to find the map
6-7 pickpocket, the PC with the map is bumped into and their pocket is picked
8-11 direct attack, the PCs are attacked head on by some of the losers
12 multi attack, the PC’s are ambushed and then direct attacked at the same time (by two different partys)

The Map:
The map shows a route to the pyramid and part of it has been crossed out and a different lined added (this is actually a new addition) the original path was taken by servants to the back of the pyramid while it was still being built or before it was closed up for good. The new addition actually leads to the outer temple (1 on the map).

So that’s it for part 1, I will put up part two in the next day or two.

Anyway, let me know what you think

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