Thursday, 12 June 2014

Paladin class

One of the players in my home game (in case people didn’t know, I am running LotFP at the moment, with a few tweaked and hacked rules) has asked to be a paladin, to which I said it was fine but I would have to sort it out first. I thought about what I liked about paladins and what I didn’t like, and after a bit of thought I decided that it would look a little something like this:

Refer to fighter class from the rules and magic book for everything unless noted below.

The paladin doesn’t advance its attack bonus like a normal fighter, instead it has an attack like every other class. (+1 at level one)

The paladin will not allow the slaughter or suffering of innocents to occur before them
The paladin will not be accompanied by a truly evil creature unless it is to help further the mission.
The paladin will not take reward for doing good deeds
The paladin will not unduly disturb those who are no longer living

Lay on Hands:
At 1st level the paladin gains the ability to heal others or themselves. This ability allows the paladin to heal 2HP per level (or level x2 HP), and this has no adverse effect upon the paladin or anyone who is healed by them. This ability can only be used once a day.

Smite Evil:
At 3rd level the paladin gains the ability to smite evil. This ability can be used half level rounded down per day (so at level 3 when this is gained it has only 1 use). This ability lets you add half your level to your attack roll and your full level to your damage roll against any evil target, if this is used against a good target the damage is reflected back upon the paladin and they must roll on the deity disapproval table below. The paladin can also choose to forgo every instance that they have of smite evil for the day (only if it hasn’t been used yet) to cast Turn Undead, they cast this ability as though they were a cleric of the same level

At 5th level the paladin gains the ability to have a holy mount. To gain this creature the paladin must go on a quest for it, if the quest is successful than the mount is granted to the paladin and it can be called upon at anytime.

Mount abilities:
The paladins mount is special and has the following profile and special abilitys:
HD – 3D8, it gains an extra 1HD every two paladin levels
AC – 16, it is to be considered to be wearing chain barding
Attack – +2 to hit, bite 1D6, hoof 1D8, it can attack once a round
Call/dismiss mount – the mount can be called or dismissed by the paladin, when it is called it will arrive at the paladins location in 1D4+2 rounds and is a full round action. When it is dismissed it will leave the area within 1D3+2 rounds and it is not able to be recalled for that time in hours (the 1D3+2).

Upon mounts death – if the mount is killed the paladin must quest to find a new one and roll twice upon the deity disapproval table below, any thing that occurs from these roles apply until the paladin is either redeemed or a quest for a new mount is completed.

Upon paladins death – if the paladin is killed while the mount is in play (not dismissed) than roll upon the table below to find out what occurs.

Deity disapproval table: roll 1D20
1 roll twice upon this table
2 the paladin must pray for forgiveness, this happens as soon as possible (once out of danger if in combat) and lasts for 1D2+ level x10 minuets.
3 the paladin can’t use Lay on Hands for level
4 the paladin looses its ability to Smite Evil for half level days
5 the paladin is struck by their god, take 1D12 damage, this damage cant be healed via Lay on Hands or any other magical healing
6 the paladin must make a tribute to their god
7 the paladin is placed upon a quest by their god
8 the paladins mount will not heed their call for level days (reroll if no mount is available
9 the paladin cant use any of their abilities for level hours
10 the paladin must rid itself of all mortal possessions to a minimum of 10 items
11 the paladin must pray for forgiveness, this happens as soon as possible (once out of danger if in combat) and lasts for level x2 minuets
12 the paladin is at -1 to all actions for half level days
13 the paladin is at -2 for all action for level hours (this does not include sleep)
14 the paladin is at -4 to all saves
15 the paladin can only use Lay on Hands once for the next level days
16 the paladin can only use Smite Evil once for the next level days
17 the next time the paladin uses Lay on Hands it leeches its life to heal the target
18 the next time the paladin uses Lay on Hands it actually damages the target
19 the paladin is struck blind by its god for the next half level days
20 roll twice on this table and choose which effect to take

What happens to the mount upon the paladins death:
1 roll upon the summon table using as though the saves were passed and the creature has HD equal to its current HD
2 a large tree grows where the mount is, this tree bears fruit that will strike anyone blind who eats it
3 it attacks the nearest enemy of the paladin
4 it attacks the nearest friendly of the paladin
5 it attacks the enemy who killed the paladin, and won stop until either of them are dead
6 the mount disappears
7 it explodes in a searing light, anyone within 100 feet must make a save vs magical device or become blind for the mounts HD in days, this blindness can be healed by a cleric
8 the mount collapses in upon itself and sucks anyone within 100 feet towards it, make a save vs breath weapon or take 1D8 damage as you are knocked into everyone else
9 roll twice on this table

10 it sacrifices itself for the paladin, who is then resurrected for days equal to the mounts HD, the paladin will then drop dead upon the end of this time.

let me know what you think 

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