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Changing risen from the sands part 4

Now we are onto the rest of the pyramid, this would have been posted sooner but I got bogged down with work and a new laptop and a stupid idea that I am still figuring out for something back in one of the old rooms that I have done. Anyway here we go

10 Two reed boats sit in this chamber covered in dust, there are carvings depicting the pharaoh in various boats in the middle of navel battles.

The two boats are worth 1500SP each if they can be taken out the pyramid (they are too large to fit through the doors whole)

11 This room functions as an antechamber for the pharaohs harem, its bare sandstone walls and floor are a stark contrast from everywhere else in this pyramid.

There are four burning skeletons and four skeletons covered in dripping blood. They all snap to attention when someone steps into the room, they do nothing except stand there near the door into the next room.

There are hieroglyphics upon the door saying:
“Entry unto this room by all but the fairer sex will be sorry, for I will rend unto them and they will truly know fear”

Any male who walks through these doors must make a save-vs-magical effect, failure means that the next saving throw against fear is made at -10, then at -8 and so on until back to zero. Passing means that you automatically fail your next fear test, but otherwise nothing else happens.

12 Hanging silks, plush cushions, and patterned rugs decorate this luxurious chamber. This room smells of burning incense and perfumes. There is a table against the wall with various fruits and wines. There are two beautiful women in this room who offer some of the fruit and wine to any visitors who enter.

This is all actually an illusion that was placed upon the room, if anyone interacts with the two ladies they can make a save-vs-magic at -4 to see through the illusion.
The two wives area actually mummies, they each have a key amongst their possessions that will open the door in room 17

If anyone eats or drinks any of the food or wine they must make a save-vs-poison, failure means that they have become infected with mummy rot, passing means that they begin to vomit and suffer a -4 to anything that they continue to do for the next 1D12 turns. Eating the food automatically allows the imbiber to see through the illusion in the room.

If anyone attacks the two wives of the pharaoh the skeletons from the previous room come in and begin to attack the attackers.

There is a secret door along the right hand side of this chamber that can be found with a searching roll at -2

13 Two ornate chariots sit upon raised platforms, there are 4 partially mummified skeletons with bows standing on high platforms on either side of the room. They do nothing except stand guard over this room, unless the chariots are attempted to be taken from the room.
The chariots are worth 2500SP each, they are too large to fit though the doors in the pyramid whole.
There are hieroglyphics along the walls depicting the pharaoh standing above some chariot races and at the head of the chariot charge in war.

14 6 different animals are displayed on raised pedestals along the sides of this room, there are hieroglyphics that are around this room that show the pharaoh hunting the different animals. On the pedestals of each of the animals is writing about them and how they were killed, if this is read out loud that animal comes to life and begins to attack the reader. On the back of the door is engraved in stone is a dispel magic (use the magic user variant) spell, if this is read it is cast as though cast from a scroll and the area of stone goes blank. If any of the animals within this room is “alive” while this spell is read, they fall apart and into a pile of dust, bones, and cloth, because the magic keeping them alive is removed from them. If any of the “piles” of animals is disturbed while in this form they will not reform once the spell is complete, if they do however the animals will stalk through the pyramid looking for the person who read the dispel magic stone and kill them.

15 In each corner of this room is a large stone obelisk. The southeast one has a cool breeze emanating from it, the southwest one seems to be normal stone, the northeast one is covered in moister, and the northwest one radiates heats. In the centre of the room is a 10x10 foot empty pool.
Touching any of these obelisks causes a 5HD elemental to appear from inside the empty pool (SE = air, SW = earth, NE = water, NW = fire) at any one time only one elemental of each element can be around (eg, touch the fire obelisk and a fire elemental appears, touch it again while the fire elemental is still in the room nothing happens, if a fire elemental is not around another one appears)

If someone is standing in the empty pool with a bit of each element, they can make a save-vs-magic, if failed take 5D8 damage, if passed they gain the ability to summon an elemental at will once and only once, when summoned roll on this table (1D4 1 earth, 2 fire, 3 water, 4 air) it appears with 5HD and is around for 1D12+1 turns.

16 a long corridor that has had the ceiling lowered to just above 6 and a half feet, there are many hieroglyphics along the corridor.
There is a small section in the middle of the corridor that has 5 set of stones on wheels that can be moved (a secret door is behind this and can be found with a search roll at -1). The following is the symbols that can be found on each wheel
Young man
Old man

The following combinations represent what happens
Pharaoh, baby, young man, old man, pharaoh – secret door opens
5 of one type – baby = nothing, young man = everyone in the corridor becomes 1D20 years younger, old man = everyone in the corridor becomes 2D20 years older, Anubis = everyone makes a save-vs-death fail means you take you level D6 damage (eg level 5 takes 5D6), snake = a door opens in the roof above the secret door and 1D100 snakes fall into the room, pharaoh = save-vs-fear fail means you begin to run from the pyramid for 1D12 rounds, ra = save-vs-magic fail mean you are healed 2D8 HP and blinded for 2D8 turns.
4 of one type and 1 of another – nothing
3 of one type and 2 of another – roll on trap table 1
3 of one type and 2 random ones – roll on trap table 2

(feel free to make up any more and if you do let me know)

Trap Table 1 – 1D6
1 – giant axe swings the length of the corridor, save-vs-breath weapon or take 2D8+1 damage
2 – scarabs fall from the roof and attack any living creature in the corridor (1D3 swarms fall)
3 – a 30 pit opens in front of the secret door, take 3D6 damage from the fall
4 – lightning shoots down the corridor, save-vs-breath weapon or take 4D8 damage
5 – water begin to fill the corridor and then the pyramid, this goes to about knee depth and causes movement through the pyramid to be halfed
6 – roll on this table again and on table 2, if this is rolled again nothing happens

Trap table 2 – 1D6
1 – spikes shoot from the wall all along the corridor, save-vs-breath weapon or take 1D6+1 damage
2 – giant axe swings the length of the corridor, save-vs-breath weapon or take 2D8+1 damage
3 – rocks begin to fall from the roof, save-vs-breath weapon or take 1D12+2 damage and get knocked out for 1D6 turns
4 – gas enters the room and all magic users and clerics cant cast spells for 1D6 turns
5 – gas enters the room, save-vs-magic or get infected with mummy rot
6 – the walls in the corridor begin to move inwards, in 1D4+1 rounds everyone inside the corridor gets crushed to death (no save, no nothing)

17 This room is completely bare, except for two statues of Anubis standing on either side of the door ahead. The door is locked and the keys can be found on the harem. The Anubis statues will animate and attack anyone who opens the door and doesn’t use both keys. A tinker at -1 will open each of the locks (two checks must be made)

18 A large staircase that leads upto a 15x15 foot platform that has a sarcophagus sitting upon it. The room itself has a two long tables, one against each wall, that are covered in gold and jewels and various sized ushabti. There is also a large statue of a sphinx in the northeast corner of the room.

If the curse was read aloud the sarcophagus will be open with the lid of it on the ground cracked in two, the pharaoh will be standing at the top of the stairs with the sphinx sitting next to him. He commands the PCs to bow down to him and recognize his godhood and power, if they say no he attack (see character write up), if they say yes he demands them to offer him a sacrifice; the first to enter the pyramids life

If the curse wasn’t read aloud the sarcophagus will be closed, and if anyone attempts to open it the sphinx will attack them.

So that’s it for now, I will be doing a list of stats for each of the things found within the pyramid and a list of the treasure that hasn’t been listed.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Changing risen from the sands part 3

So now that I have set up the adventure and done the travel part its time to get into the actual pyramid itself right? So what I am doing here is the first few parts of the pyramid that lead into the false tomb (oh, spoilers there I guess)

So if the players follow the map they arrive at the outer temple of the pyramid (this is the part that has the new line drawn onto it, not if they followed the original line). If they follow the original line to the back of the pyramid they find that it has been closed up and that they cant actually find the way in (a architecture roll can be attempted, this roll will be at -5 because the way hasn’t been travelled to in hundreds of years)

So anyway, onto the outer temple. (before I begin though, I should say that I wont be placing the distances or room dimensions in here unless they directly relate to something that is happening within the room)


1 A rectangular building with two rows of large limestone columns. There are old hieroglyphics along the walls, they tell the story of the pharaohs life. The is also a passageway directly ahead. Three dead bodies are found here on the ground in the middle of the room. They still have all their equipment on them. Their skin has shrunken and dried upon them and it looks at though all moister has been removed from them. Disturbing these bodies in anyway causes the dried flesh to crack, break off, and float into the air. A save-vs-poison must be made by anyone within 20ft of the bodies, if failed they begin to get thirsty in 1D3 hours. This makes them -2 to any thing that they attempt to do. Drinking any type of liquid forces another save-vs-poison, if this one is failed they loose 1D3 CON and SRT permanently. This occurs every 1D3 hours, until remove curse is cast upon them.
The bodies each have:
Backpack, crowbar, 3x iron spikes, mallet, black and tackle, 2x holy water, 1 days iron rations, 2x empty water skins, bed roll, chalk, candles, leather armour, knife, club/sword (1D6), 1D8 (3) SP, 3D6 (11) CP

2 A roughly triangular room that has two limestone columns, there are large partially decayed tapestries hanging off the columns, they are depicting the pharaoh in his prime standing above his many followers and worshippers. A passageway ahead can be seen though and into quite easily (see 3) this passageway is flanked by two Anubis guardian statues and two large jackal statues. The guardians are holding a large khopesh and have dark black obsidian eyes. If anyone tries to walk through they animate and block the way and speak
“What walks on four legs in the morning, two all day, and three in the evening?”
The answer is “man”
Answering the riddle correctly has the statues step aside and allow safe passage into the walkway. Trying to rush past causes them to attack, if you do make it past the Anubis statues the large jackal statues animate and chase you down (see 2A for more info). If you choose to not answer the riddle and leave the outer temple then the statues return to their original positions. If the players come back, feel free to change the riddle (just make sure it isn’t any of the other found within this little adventure).

2A A pressure plate here triggers a trap that causes the passway to between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 to close (just beyond the jackal statues). If anyone is caught under the door a save-vs-breath weapon is required. If failed part of you is crushed and you take 5D12 damage, if passed roll 1D6, on a 1-3 you dive backwards, on a 4-6 you dive forward out of the doorway. If for some reason you manage to survive being crushed by the door when it is taken off you make a save-vs-death, if failed you are dead, if the door is on you for longer than an hour you automatically die when its removed. If longer then two hours you die from slowly bleeding out. The jackal statues will trigger this trap if someone races past them and hasn’t answered the riddle or triggered the trap themselves.

3 Shafts of sunlight shine dwon from cracks and holes that have appeared over time in the roof. It is a little over 10ft high in most places along this tunnel. Those holes are wide enough to provide light, but nothing larger than a tiny creature could pass through these holes. The tunnel has a slight incline (architecture +1 roll to discover) that is heading uphill. About halfway down the tunnel is a giant boulder trap. It is triggered via a pressure plate and the boulder comes from a chute 40-50ft in front of the characters. It is about 8-9ft in diameter and does 12D6 damage to anyone it catches in its path. It can be outran, or an attempt to dodge it can be made (grab the roof or hide in the small gap either side of the tunnel as it goes past) if this is done a save-vs-breath weapon can be made for half damage.


5 A pair of heavy doors carved form sandstone with some hieroglyphics carved into it saying
“The bigger I get, the less there is. What am I?”
The answer is “a hole”
This is actually a warning for what is on the other side of the door, which is a pit trap. The door can be pushed open with an open doors test at -3, two people can get next to each other to open the doors and add to the roll that is to be made. The pit trap on the other side of the door is 30ft deep and is 10ft wide, if anyone falls into this trap they take 3D6 damage from the fall.
Carved above the door is some more hieroglyphics which say
“All men who shall enter this my tomb shall be subject to judgment and an end shall be made for him, I shall seize his neck like a bird, I shall cast the fear of myself into him”
Write this down and pass it to the player who deciphered the hieroglyphics, if this is read aloud then the pharaoh will awaken if anyone steeps past the threshold of the doors here, this means that when/if they actually find the main crypt then the pharaoh will be awake.

6 Ten limestone columns surround this room with small 2ft tall wooden ushabti at their base. There is hieroglyphics above them leading around the limestone columns, the writing says
“I have no legs or arms, but I still eat with a pork everyday”
The answer is “snake”
If the riddle is answered the ushabti will break open or transform into snakes, these snakes come out to attack the answerer of the riddle.
There is also a stone sarcophagus in the centre of the room. It is actually a mimic that will wait until someone touches it or more than two people are within 5ft of it to attack.
there are two secret doors that can be found with a searching roll at -1

7 A large black granite statue of the pharaoh stands in the centre of the room. Behind the statue is a false door with a painting of Anubis standing over a man in a boat travelling down a river. All of this is surrounded by various prayers. The false door is actually a secret door, and one of the prayers is actually a remove curse spell. The remove curse spell can be removed from the wall with an architecture roll, the tablet would end up weighing about 500 pounds, which is equal to +4 encumbrance points and the person carrying it can’t hold onto anything else. The secret door can be found with a search roll at -2.

8A A large black stature of Set (god of darkness and storms) stands in the middle of the room. The base of the statue has a hidden compartment that contains a small black pouch. Inside the pouch is 3 small black balls. Theses balls are balls of darkness, and when broken (which can be done with a little bit of pressure) work as though someone had cast a darkness spell with 60ft diameter on the place where the ball is.

8B A large white statue of Ra (god of sun) stands in the middle of the room. The base of the statue has a hidden compartment that contains a scroll of searing light. The compartment is also trapped with a curse of blindness. A successful tinker roll at -1 will deactivate the trap.

9 Surrounded by heaped treasure and offering is an elaborately decorated sarcophagus. There are 8 skeletons surrounding the sarcophagus with none of them on the front side. They snap to attention when anyone enters the room and one of the skeletons at the head of the sarcophagus says
“The man who makes it doesn’t want it, the man who wants it doesn’t use it, the man who uses it doesn’t know he is using it”
The answer is “coffin”
If answered correctly the lid opens and the mummy is revealed. Inside of the sarcophagus is 4 stone jars which contain various spices and body parts of the mummy. When the mummy is revealed it does nothing until someone attempts to move it or any of the random treasure within the room, it will then attack the first person to touch it or the tressure. The skeletons will also attack anyone that is attempting to loot the room or sarcophagus.

So that is it for this post and some more will be up in a few days time, so let me know what you think

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Changing risen from the sands part 2

So onto part two, originally I was thinking of just going into the pyramid and letting whatever happen on the way just come down to my terrible tables that I have kicking around for my home game. Instead I have decided to go and write some “special tables” for just this (also, this will really be better for my game than my crappy tables).

So I do 3-5 random encounters per day and 3-4 per night that happen on a 2 in 6 chance. I go with 1 and 6 on the dice to represent either a potentially hostile encounter or a potentially friendly encounter, either can actually go the other way than is originally intended (or rolled) but that comes down to the players.

Also I tend to be lazy and as such I haven’t really been bothered with a difference between a day or night encounter table.

So here is the tables that I will be using for travel from the town of Dahab to the pyramid.

Potentially hostile encounter: 1D100
01-25 Nomads
26-35 Giant scorpion
35-40 Oasis (something in the water or trees)
41-46 Weather change (1D5 1 earthquake, 2 tornado, 3 sinkhole, 4 sandstorm, 5 heatwave)
47-60 Skeletal warriors (1D4 1 2D6, 2 2D6 + champion, 3 1D4 champions, 4 2D6 + lich, 5 lich + 1D6 champions, 6 roll twice)
61-70 Snakes
71-76 Druid
77-79 Basilisk
80-82 Sphinx
83-85 Mummy
86-90 Caravan
91-98Tiger or lion (1D6 1 tiger, 2 lion, 3 2D4 lions, 4 2D4 tigers, 5 three headed tiger, 6 1D6+1 three headed tiger)
99-00 Young dragon

Potentially friendly encounter
01-25 Nomads
26-35 Oasis
36-50 Druid
51-60 Camels
61-66 Adventurers
67-77 Lost people
78-85 Caravan
86-98 Dieing animal

99-00Young dragon

so anyway let me know what you think