Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Changing risen from the sands part 2

So onto part two, originally I was thinking of just going into the pyramid and letting whatever happen on the way just come down to my terrible tables that I have kicking around for my home game. Instead I have decided to go and write some “special tables” for just this (also, this will really be better for my game than my crappy tables).

So I do 3-5 random encounters per day and 3-4 per night that happen on a 2 in 6 chance. I go with 1 and 6 on the dice to represent either a potentially hostile encounter or a potentially friendly encounter, either can actually go the other way than is originally intended (or rolled) but that comes down to the players.

Also I tend to be lazy and as such I haven’t really been bothered with a difference between a day or night encounter table.

So here is the tables that I will be using for travel from the town of Dahab to the pyramid.

Potentially hostile encounter: 1D100
01-25 Nomads
26-35 Giant scorpion
35-40 Oasis (something in the water or trees)
41-46 Weather change (1D5 1 earthquake, 2 tornado, 3 sinkhole, 4 sandstorm, 5 heatwave)
47-60 Skeletal warriors (1D4 1 2D6, 2 2D6 + champion, 3 1D4 champions, 4 2D6 + lich, 5 lich + 1D6 champions, 6 roll twice)
61-70 Snakes
71-76 Druid
77-79 Basilisk
80-82 Sphinx
83-85 Mummy
86-90 Caravan
91-98Tiger or lion (1D6 1 tiger, 2 lion, 3 2D4 lions, 4 2D4 tigers, 5 three headed tiger, 6 1D6+1 three headed tiger)
99-00 Young dragon

Potentially friendly encounter
01-25 Nomads
26-35 Oasis
36-50 Druid
51-60 Camels
61-66 Adventurers
67-77 Lost people
78-85 Caravan
86-98 Dieing animal

99-00Young dragon

so anyway let me know what you think

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