Saturday, 30 August 2014

random starting equipment for goblins

within in my home game group we sometimes play a silly little goblin game, it works much like a funnel for DCC, but without the character advancement at the end (we tend to play one shots for these types of games). its just a fun and silly night. i used to just use a bunch of different tables (like 1-20 of this one and 10-15 of that one) but as i cant seem to find them any more (which is no big deal) i went to G+ to ask the people there. they came up with some of the stuff on this list, then i finished it off.

remember the hero amongst the goblins is the one who steps back the slowest

so roll on this list twice for a starting character, and pick a lucky number between 1 and 150. if you roll 1, 100, 150 or your lucky number, you get a bonus roll

roll 1D150
  1. broken hammer
  2. sharpened spoon
  3. armour made from discarded whalebone corset
  4. bag of dried slugs
  5. leg
  6. spelunker helmet with candle stuck on top
  7. nothing except a loincloth (any other rolls that you had made don't count)
  8. scabies
  9. human children's "sunday clothes" 
  10. bag of greasy marbles
  11. burlap sack
  12. sock filled with snot
  13. puppet made from rat (jiggle the stick up its ass and it "talks")
  14. necklace of dwarf, elf, and human ears
  15. candied gnome heads
  16. horsechoppers 
  17. dogcutters
  18. raincoat made from stitched-together lengths of sheepgut
  19. gerbil glove
  20. sandpaper
  21. grease-worm pie
  22. finger knife
  23. "plate mail" assembled from discarded pots and pans
  24. a pith-pot helmet
  25. sock full of rusty metal washers
  26. an impressive goiter
  27. slingshot
  28. potato-peeler
  29. tiny shovels and punji sticks
  30. lots of punji sticks (disease ridden)
  31. sack of doorknobs
  32. basket of kittens
  33. large cookpot helmet
  34. hobnailed boots
  35. stone hatchet
  36. ticking time-bomb
  37. beetle collection
  38. shark jaw
  39. frying pan studded with nails
  40. large rotten ham
  41. poo flinger
  42. a pocketful of miscellaneous molluscs
  43. the time written down on a piece of paper
  44. a beetle in a matchbox
  45. spear made from pot shards
  46. knife made from pot shards
  47. copper jewelry
  48. wigs of various colours and qualities
  49. a short rope made of rat tails (about 2 feet)
  50. a huge pile of hemp fiber (was once apparently 50 feet of rope)
  51. wineskins full of pondscum and plegm
  52. chalk of various colours with teethmarks on them
  53. assorted holy books which have been defaced with lewd markings (with a "seekrit map" on it)
  54. empty flask with inscription "last breffs"
  55. garrote made of animal/humanoid intestines
  56. old, worn, holey clothing, originally stolen from larger folk
  57. patched up clothing with patches made from human skin
  58. cramped and tiny cage (for holding young goblins)
  59. rotten eggs
  60. goblin surgical tools (torture implements including: dentist's drill, hacksaw, a big mallet)
  61. stinkguns (skunks tied to tree branches with the business end aimed towards the enemies)
  62. puppy face masks (actual masks made from actual puppy faces)
  63. woven basket helmet (ineffective and impedes visibility)
  64. cranial helmet (made from the scalp, cranial fluid, and skulls of enemies) impedes visibility, potentially fear educing
  65. piglet
  66. vial of unholy water
  67. jar of weird coloured goop (with "posheen of heeling" written on it... actually causes mutations) 
  68. paper airplane with a firecracker (explodes of 1D4 damage and causes a black cloud in a 15 foot radius)
  69. satchel of toenail clippings
  70. acid ruined leather armour (counts as AC 12)
  71. alchemist fire
  72. a badly drawn map of a nearby cave with all the treasure marked on it (actually traps)
  73. 1D1000 gold pieces
  74. grey ooze trapped in a glass jar
  75. a small jar dust labeled "fairy dust" its actually black lotus powder (save-vs-poison at -6 or die, if passed take your level in D10 damage, eg level 5 is 5D10)
  76. acid wand (1D2+1 charges, 50 foot cone, 3D6 damage)
  77. magic mushrooms (1D6+2 mushrooms, when eaten roll on spell table equal to the number of mushrooms eaten, eg 2 mushrooms means second level spell)
  78. a different goblins dead twin
  79. a small knife (if a 1-5 is rolled to hit it counts as a critical miss) 
  80. wand of wonder (1D3 charges)
  81. scroll of create black hole (a black hole appears at 1D100 feet in front of the reader, it causes anything within 1D1000 feet to be dragged towards it. it lasts for 1D4 rounds, and anything that comes into the same area of the black hole is killed instantly. save-vs-breath weapon at -10 to hold your ground)
  82. immovable rod 
  83. broken crossbow
  84. 3x arrows
  85. shield with a big hole in the center (25% chance the attack actually hits)
  86. vial of water
  87. backpack full of dirt
  88. great sword (1D12 damage, two handed, need STR of 17 or higher to use or must take a -4 penalty to hit, movement it reduced by 15 feet)
  89. sharpened stick
  90. sling
  91. whistle
  92. massive sack
  93. ball of string
  94. a obnoxiously large piece of paper thats been folded up to fit into a pocket.
  95. sharp glass
  96. wooden wand (no charges)
  97. baby rust monster on a leash
  98. bottle of dirt
  99. sword-chucks (nunchaku made with swords, 49% chance of also hitting yourself, 1D6+2 damage)
  100. goblin porn magazine
  101. bag of weighted dice
  102. bag of rusty caltrops
  103. fishing rod
  104. earthenware mug
  105. the remaining shards of a broken sword
  106. trick candle (when blown out it relights)
  107. ball of candle wax
  108. a jar of bees
  109. a jar of bull ants
  110. a jar of spiders
  111. a snakes fangs
  112. knuckle dusters
  113. a small bag of hard candy
  114. a bow string
  115. nothing (all other rolls don't count)
  116. a broken pair of scissors
  117. a deck of cards
  118. a tiara, with all the jewels removed
  119. a ruby the size of a humans fist, its covered in blood, skin, bone fragments, and hair
  120. flask of oil
  121. some stones
  122. a bunch of flowers
  123. a nice dress
  124. 1D3 kidnapped orphans who worship the goblin as their savior
  125. a rabies infested, shaggy, ratty looking dog
  126. a handful of mold
  127. a handful of moss
  128. a bag of glow worms
  129. a large egg (35% chance that it hatches into something that eats goblins) that might hatch soon
  130. a ring of visibility/invisibility 50 foot radius (makes everyone within 50 feet of the wearer invisible, makes the wearer extremely visible. one the ring is the removed everything reverses, the original wearer turns invisible and everyone else becomes extremely visible)
  131. potion of fire breathing (3D6 damage, 40 foot cone)
  132. a book
  133. a burnt book
  134. a bag of ashes
  135. a pie
  136. a pair of glasses
  137. a pair of human hands
  138. a jar of various body parts
  139. a big pot (needs STR 15 or greater to carry)
  140. a bent crowbar
  141. two halfs of a different broken crowbar
  142. a small jar of pickled eyeballs
  143. a broken 10 foot pole that has been tied back together with string
  144. a lute
  145. a broken (roll again)
  146. a club
  147. a set of chain mail armour, in surprisingly good condition
  148. a silver knife (beaks on a 3 in 10 roll on a hit)
  149. a snapped wand (1 remaining charge, roll on the wild magic table 4 times when used)
  150. nothing