Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dr Pilkington's Miracle Cure - 5e d&d

so what is a wild west game without some snake oil miracle cures? not really one. so i thought about it and came to the conclusion that i needed some sort of miracle cures snake oil in my game, and what better then some sort of magic potion, well i don’t have a cure wounds potion or potion of healing or tonic of health betterness, and as a sort of low magic game that i am running (even though in my current group i have 3 dragonborn characters, a warlock, and a sorcerer) i think that something like this would be good. of course it will have to have some sort of chance of not being anything or actually doing something completely different to what it is advertised to do, so maybe if it has a chance of not working and having a roll on a random table if thats the case.

the name came from here for all you non australians (or non cider drinkers)

well, without any further preamble i present to you Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cure
not only does it fix the ailments that you might feel from a hard days work, but it can heal your wounds, fix your broken bones, remove the toxins of a deadly creature from your system, it prevents further injury and helps promote recovery. this one of a kind item is so amazing that you will be coming back for more, and for today only a special price of 50 gold pieces.

Dr Pilkington’s Miracle Cure - 50GP
roll any dice, if an odd number is rolled roll of the snake oil table below, if even then heal 2D4+2

Snake Oil table - 1D8
1 the tonic tastes sweet like honey as if goes down your throat, the taste lingers for a second or two. that is all, it has no effect
2 the tonic tastes sweet like candy and ends with a slightly bitter taste, the bitterness lingers and begins to get stronger. make a DC 10 CON save or suffer 2D10 poison damage
3 the tonic tastes bitter and acidic like you have sucked upon an unripe lemon. make a DC 10 CON save or suffer 2D10 poison damage, success means you take half of the damage
4 the tonic tastes peppery and spicy like a capsicum. make a DC 15 CON save, success means you regain 1D4+2 health, failure means you take 1D4+2 damage
5 the tonic tastes strong and painful like you have drunk pure kerosene. you enter into a berserker like rage for the next 1D6 rounds. you gain +2 to damage, and advantage on strength based actions and saves, whilst in this rage you are unable to cast spells or do anything that requires concentration
6 the tonic tastes strong and slightly painful, like a nice scotch. you gain 1D10 temporary HP, and suffer from disadvantage on any DEX or INT based rolls as you enter into a drunken stupor
7 the tonic is thick and hard to swallow, it tastes like mouldy bread and soft drink. make a DC 15 CON save, failure mean you begin to vomit and are at disadvantage to any action for the next 1D2 hours, success means that you gain 1D4+2 health and advantage on saving throws against poison for the next 1 hour
8 the tonic is sour like a strong sour candy, the taste linger for almost 5 minutes. that is all, it has no effect    

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