Friday, 2 January 2015

new year new game

so its a new year and my group and i have decided to start a new game.
as we couldnt really come together to decide upon a type of game to play (they wanted to play 5th ed) i decided to go with something that i was in the middle of writting up for my new flailsnails game.

so i wrote this thing a while ago and then cleaned it up and added a map and now i just need to fill the hexes.

but anyway, i will be starting a new flailsnails game, probably just a pick up game at the moment while i sort out my working life and all that jazz.

if you would like any information on it, click on the following link and feel free to ask me any questions about it. 

i will be using this as a sort of living document, so it will be changing and getting added to as things happen and as the groups do things.

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