Monday, 13 July 2015

insert word Hunter (or witch hunter) background for 5e

so after my party got a TPK (well mostly, its a story for another time) we have decided to continue in the same world, and they are all going to be witch hunters (or some sort of Hunter) so i have made the following background for them to use

Witch Hunter - Background

Witch Hunters tend to be a solitary bunch, not having many people that they care about outside of their own comrades, hirelings, and apprentices. This might be due to them only really seeing the worst in the world, or that everyone they have ever trusted have turned out to be that which they hate. They are given the power of the church or the government to do their job and no one tends to go against them when they use their authority. Using knowledge gained from religious studies or from lost/forbidden arcane books, they combine their knowledge of evil and academical studies to fight the agents of evil which they hunt

type of hunter
1 - Witches
2 - Necromancers
3 - Demons
4 - Devils
5 - Elder Beings
6 - Monsters
7 - Dragons
8 - Shapeshifters
9 - Vampires
10 - Elementals
11 - Spirits
12 - Fey

Skill Proficiencies - Perception, Religion
Tool Proficiencies - Alchemist Kit
Language Proficiencies - Whatever you hunts speaks

Traveler clothes, 1x flask of holy water, scroll case, wolfsbane, stinking nightshade, garlic, witch glass, hemlock, salt, mistletoe, symbol of authority, alchemist kit, belt pouch containing 10 GP

Fear and Respect
No matter where you go, people are either in awe of witch hunters or they are scared of them. Due to this the witch hunters are able to get preferential treatment when they are in a civilized settlement which includes stuff like free lodging, meals, or cheaper prices. Whilst this tends to be the case, those in the upper echelons of society tend to not be so scared of the witch hunters thinking that their contacts within the city can sway a vote their way and not the witch hunters way.

i havent come up with any of the ideals/bonds/flaws and stuff because you can just figure that shit out yourself