Friday, 6 November 2015

different type of spiders

so there are heaps of different spiders out there in the real world, so why is it that in games there is only really 2 or 3 different types? you have a swarm, giant, phase (even sometimes this isnt used), so why is this the case, also why do spiders always seem to be used as a sort of “hanging on the walls or ceiling” type of monster, why are they never in their webs or even in their burrows?

well i thought about this and decided that it was fucking shit to have all these crazy different spiders with these “cool abilities” (some of you might not think that they are cool) out there and not being utilized. so i made a list of some different things that you could add to or change in the giant spiders (or even any other type of spider, just change things higher or lower for different sizes) profile to make them a little bit different. 

(feel free to roll on the table more than once)

D12 spider ability table

1 Web Spinners - can cast web as a bonus action (recharge on a 3+)
2 Hunters - DC 15 CON save or become paralyzed for 1D8 turns, save for 1D4. this can stack
3 Necrotic Poison - DC 13 CON save or suffer 3D10 necrotic damage and poisoned condition, save for half. next turn repeat the save but for 2D10 necrotic damage, then again the next turn for 1D10 necrotic damage. any successful save during this period negates the need for a save the next turn
4 Poison Spitters - 15 foot cone, DC 13 DEX save or suffer 4D6 acid damage, save for half
5 Jumpers - leap - the spider can expend all its movement to leap up to 90 feet, this can be used as a charge attack if so the creature gain advantage on its attacks for this round
6 Sprinters - add 20 feet to the speed score of this spider
7 Trapdoor - attacks can also deal 3D6 sneak attack damage, creatures have disadvantage against these spiders when finding out if they are surprised
8 Wolf - these spiders have advantage on perception checks, with there darksight range being 120 feet.
9 Female Wolf - carry eggs sacks with them, after death or large amounts of damage add 1 spider swarm to the combat in the same location as the female wolf spider
10 Water Walking - can walk across water, can also create a small “diving bell” like structure to allow it to be underwater for 30 minutes at a time
11 Crab Spiders - has advantage on stealth checks, due to its ability to change it colours to that of its surrounds. the skin of these spiders changes colour to suit its surrounds to make it harder to spot  
12 Urticating Hairs (shooting quills) - 30 foot cone, DC 17 DEX save or suffer disadvantage to every roll using either STR, DEX, or CON. save for no effect. creatures hit by these hairs begin to swell up and suffer from rashes in the area where affected, if you really wanted to you could probably also reduce the AC of the creature his by these.

another thing you don't really tend to hear about is how they attack, like i get the “they are above a door and then they are on you” type of thing that tends to happen, well this is also mostly bull shit. don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that it doesn’t go down like that, I’m just saying that there are other ways for this to happen as well.

so here are some of the different spider tactics that you might find out there.

spring out off a burrow, either underground or in the bark or a tree, bite its target (using some sort of paralytic poison) and drag it back into its burrow. it then either cocoons its prey in a web or spits/injects a digestive acid upon it.

wait until its prey is stuck upon its web, either bite it (using paralytic or just poison) and cocoon it or just straight up cocoon it (this causes the target to suffercate). then it will inject or spit its digestive acid upon it

wait until its prey travels underneath it and drop down silently on a strand of web, bite the prey and then either web them and lift, cocoon them and lift, carry them and lift back up onto its web/hiding spot

either run quickly or leap at its target, bite it and drag it back to its web

spray its urticating hairs at a target in either an defencive or offencive move, then take advantage of this now disoriented prey and run in and bite it, then drag it back to its lair

spit its digestive acid at its prey and then follow it as it begins to slowly wither and die, biting or spitting more acid as needed.

i will be using this stuff for my spider queen game that i will be running for my home game soon.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Spider Queen

so i found this silly spider toy at a cheap shop during the period leading up to halloween, so i decided to buy it (it was like $2) and then i told my players that it would be attacking them when i get back from my current work rotation.

upon seeing this spider i had a few different ideas come to mind, stuff like the “random encounter” in out of the abyss (its not really a random encounter) or “part of the main plot” of scenic dunsmouth (if you have read SD then you understand why i used the quotation marks). but i didnt want to just steal this wholesale, just to grab an idea or two from it and then make it work for me for my next adventure.

so whilist i am getting the details for the spiders and other stuff that might be around the area (im thinking of a island in the middle of nowhere or something like that), i will tease you with some stuff that will help you out when you have been messed up by the spiders or their venom.

Antivenom - 50 GP, a clear liquid that smells of mixed spices and tastes like mixed spices, this vial of liquid provides advantage to saves against poison for 1 hour.

Spider Balm - 200 GP, a pale green balm that smells of aloe and tastes horrible, this small jar of ointment contains 1D4 (2) uses, when rubbed onto the wound or eaten it removes any poisoned condition and provides advantage to saves against poison for 1 hour

Spider milk - 100 GP, a milky white liquid that smells like nothing and tastes like burning, this vial of liquid is venom milked from a spider, can be used to make 1D3+1 (2) uses of antivenom or used to coat 1 short sword or 2 knives to do the following extra damage, CON save DC 12 or 2D6 damage, save for half.

Spider repellant - 300 GP, a white blam with little bits of black through it that smells like dead spiders and tastes like dead spiders. the balm when placed upon the body will repel spiders for 1D3 (1) hours. giant/massive spiders may fly into a rage (51%) or be repelled, if in a rage they gain advantage to all attacks against the creature wearing the balm and double any modifiers to damage they may have (eg 1D8+3 becomes 1D8+6)

Spidersilk armour - 750 GP, this thin armour has a white hue to it and weighs almost nothing, armour made from spidersilk is treated a leather armour yet provides protection as if wearing chainmail (AC 16). any attack or damage from fire or acid reduces the AC by 1 until it reaches, then the spidersilk armour disintegrates

Web walking boots - magic item, these thin leather boots have been woven with spidersilk, when worn the user can walk along spiderwebs (as long they are large enough to support the creature's weight) as though they were normal terrain, the creature can also attempt a perception check at disadvantage DC 17 to know if someone or something else is on the same length of web.

well, thats it for now. lets hope i can actually keep blogging