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Dragons of Nordheim game 1

so i started a new game last week that i am running online, i will be posting up both play reports and various things that i am going to be using in the game. this first post is going to be the play report of the game that i ran last week. so here it is

The small fishing village was attacked by four Ram Horns who were spotted by a could of kids off playing by the coast. There was only two of the PCs at this point who both helped mount a defence of their village by grabbing axe and shield, as one of the dragons charged one of the ballistas Elof threw one of his javelin at it hitting it square on, Sigurd figured that teaming up on the same creature would be the best way to take them down and charged in from on side and leapt at the dragon swinging with his large battle axe but he misjudged the flight pattern of the Ram Horn in his battle rage and the swing went completely past the dragon and into his leg. His wounded leg hit the ground first causing him to collapse to the ground, but shaking the wound off he jumped up as readying himself for their next pass. 

The two warriors next saw two Fire Drakes speeding towards the village, but decided that the young, infirm, and the warriors on protection duty would deal with any fires that they caused. Elof lowered his shield that gripped his axe with both hand stepping into a baseball stance ready for the Ram Horns next charge, and he hit the same dragon that he had speared with his javelin cutting into the creature with a deep and long cut, the previously wounded Ram Horn died instantly as it was split in twain. Sigurd dropped his battle axe and charged one of the remaining three dragons spear tackling it and holding on pinning it's wings and dropping it from the sky near the village Inn where some shield maidens rushed the downed beast and made short work of it with their swords. The remaining Ram Horns had almost completely destroyed one of the ballistas when they saw what Elof had done to one of their kind, they roared with rage and banked around ready to hit him. The two Fire Drake kept peppering the village with fireballs and two of them were aimed towards Elof who managed to duck behind his recently acquired corpse but trying to keep an eye on the various dragons caused him to have one of the fireballs strike him square on his bare muscular, scarred, tattooed chest.
As the Ram Horns rounded to strike at Elof, the broken ballista fired at one of them snapping it's bow arm and string in the process, but downing the beast causing it to crash to the ground into the same ballista that had fired at it destroying it. Sigurd got off of the Ram Horn that he had wrestled out of the air and charged at the remaining Ram Horn charging towards Elof, catching it and pulling it to the ground in front of him. Elof stepped up with his axe and with one mighty blow cut the beasts head off. Upon seeing this the two Fire Drakes span around speeding into the distance.
Cheers went up through the village over their victory and the dragons were then skinned and cut up to be eaten in a feast. Whist the gutting and skinning of the creatures was occurring small ocean blue stone with a rune marked upon it fell out from under the skin behind the head of the dragons. No one in the village recognized the rune and the cheif asked for volunteers to go take them to the seer, as Sigurd and Elof had both grabbed one of the rune stones to inspect they were both volunteered by the chief for the journey.

We where then joined by two other PCs, one of which quickly grabbed a rune stone because it reminded her of the ocean and they both joined in on the trip to see the seer. Sigurd and Elof both filled their drinking horns and finished their mead in one go skolling the spiced honey liquid.
They arrived at the bottom of the mountain and decided that taking the path was for those without valour and began to climb the mountain. The weather began to change during the climb from a cool day with a slight breeze to rain with a bit of a stronger breeze, about three quarters of the way up the side of the mountain there was a noticeable drop in the temperature and the rain turned to sleet and a strong wind blew through them, Elof slipped a little and smashed his face into the mountainside.
Getting to the top of the mountain they saw the seers hut and Drifa and Sigurd called out, the seer greater them and asked them inside. They presented the rune stones to her and she dropped it as soon as it touched her skin, she explained that they are control stones and that it's a long lost rune that only some of the oldest seers know. She reached out and threw some chicken bones and small rune stones into a bowl and tipped them out, reading the signs the seer explained that Drakken must have escaped from his cage in which he was chained up by a gleipnir which is unbreakable, the escape of her "brother" is terrible and the cheif should know right away and the seer tells them that he will need to call a meeting of the cheifs. Upon hearing this the group thanks her and get up and leave, walking out the tanned hide door they see two ravens take flight from nearby the door.
Whilst in with the seer the weather had gotten even worse with snow falling so heavily it reduced their sight to no more then 10-15 meters in front of them. Deciding that it would be best to take the path they head down it towards the village and the warmth of the inn with the recently slain dragon waiting for them. It wasn't until they were pretty much upon it that they saw the Dreadbiter, the shock of seeing the four warriors caused it to jump up on its haunches ready to attack.
Elof is quick to react charging the dragon and attacking with his axe cutting it only a little. Drifa pulls out her harpoon and charges the Dreadbiter and sticks it deep inside the creature slicing part of the wing. The dragon didn't like that and span towards Drifa and bite her, upon biting her the dragon wraps it's tongue around Drifa holding her in place getting ready to swallow her. Knowing that this is going to occur Hujra come in with his rapier and stabbed it in the eye blinding it temporarily. Seeing that blinding the Dreadbiter didn't release his comrade Sigurd came over and picked up Drifa and pulled her out of the dragons grasp. With her free Elof moved around the dragon and then took a couple of steps back and shoved it off the side of the mountain path. Drifa decides to take advantage of this and grabs her harpoon and walks to the edge of the mountain and as she goes to throw it she stumbles and slips off the edge, falling of the mountain Drifa attempts to correct her mistake and swings with her harpoon at the Dreadbiter but the two of them falling causes her to miss. The dragon attempts to right itself but the cuts in its wings on serve to slow it's decent a little. Hujra grabs a rope out of his bag and quickly slings it around his body and throws the rest over the edge calling out to Drifa. Sigurd grabs his battle axe and yells a blood curdling roar and leaps over the side and sinks his battle axe deep into the dragon killing it and falling through the air with it.
Elof also leaps over the edge axe first unaware that the dragon had been slain and misses the creature as it had fallen too far for him to reach. Drifa having righted herself lines up the dragon and throws her harpoon at it skewing it, she flicks the rope and causes the dragon to flip over and gets onto it. Hujra sees a rock near by steps out of the rope and ties it too the rock, grabs a climbing ring and slides it onto the rope and through his belt and with a hand axe out steps over the edge of the cliff the rope attached to him holding tight. Sigurd manages to hold on as the Dreadbiter is flipped mid air and climbs aboard with Drifa, both of them riding the dragon towards the ground which they still can't see. Elof seeing the dragon disappear beneath him has a quick look around a sees the rope that Hujra had thrown and reaches out grabbing it, sliding down it, rope burn on his hand and arm he stops at the bottom of the rope with almost no rope left to hold.
Drifa and Sigurd right themselves and get ready for impact, they high five each other, and the ground meets them and they sink into the fresh snow. Sigurd jumps off of the dragon and lands in the snow on his feet. Drifa rides the dragon all the way down and is pushed though the dragon as it compacts beneath her.
Elof continues to climb down the rest of the mountain figuring that it will be easier then having to go back to the top of the rope and then walking down.
Not seeing the Dreadbiter anymore and assuming that his companions are most likely in Valhalla, Hujra makes of at a slight jog to get back to the village so that he can get some help to recover the bodies of his group, only to find them at the bottom of the mountain fine and cutting the Dreadbiter up to make it easier to carry back to the village.
Getting back to the village they speak with the chief and then begin to drink, boast about their fight against the Dreadbiter, eat, and fight the night away.
We wrap there with two of the party gaining a point of honour and everyone going from level 1 to level 2. 

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