Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Home Game

So I started a new home game a couple of weeks ago and I will probably actually use it as a thing to keep my terrible blog updated or something along those lines, lets face it though i probably wont.

the new game is a d&d 5e game and the players are starting at level 10 as some sort of heroes of the realm. here are some of my notes that i have written down about the new game after talking with my players:

they stopped a big evil, the big evil was:
the king was possessed by some sort of devil, they rescued the king keeping him alive and banishing the devil in the process.

the possessed king was found out by the people of the realm to be evil when he went a step to far on his attempt to deal with other villains, the murderers, thieves and other criminals began to disappear. so the underworld people of the realm looked into it and found that they were running some sort of concentration style camps under the palace. then the possessed king got a bit crazy and started imprisoning more then just criminals, he went after stuff like priests and dark elves.

at the beginning the other rulers of the realm didnt really mind this as they were happy to be rid of their criminals.

a new deity rose up throughout the land and all the other churches and places of worship began to be broken, defiled, and destroyed, the priests and worshipers killed or hunted down. the survivors went underground or traveled away from the kingdom in an attempt to both stay alive and protect their deities teachings.

the underhanded folk of the kingdom all got together in an attempt to stop this, its the first time they all came together and formed a collective. this was for the greater good, because how could they profit from the people of the city and ply their trade if there was a war between mankind and devils? everyone of the underhanded folks "guild" had their leader be part of a democracy where they all meet, they called themselves "the council"

this evil went on for about 3-5 years
it took about 6-12 months to fix it
it has now been about 2-3 years since it all occurred

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